1583 Mayoral Election

Shia Duvont drops out of race
Gudrin Osterlund 66%
Cranston Vincent 20%
Undecided 14%

Gudrin Osterlund becomes the Mayor-elect of Elysian City, and will take up office on May 1st of 1583.

The Provisional Treaty Government of South Elysia has ordered an immediate Mayoral election! Many see this as an attempt to oust Shia Duvont by certain political rivals, however some in Elysian City see it as an opportunity for a transfer of power. In keeping with this restoration of democracy, we have decided to extend the election to the OOC realm as well. We're all going to pick the new Mayor!

Your candidates so far:

Lord Gudrin Osterlund, nobleman and philanthropist rapidly gaining favor among both the guilds and the working-class

Cranston Vincent, city foreman… wants to lower taxes and remove bureaucracy from building permits

Shia Duvont Incumbent Mayor, awash in controversy but with a strong supporter base

We will all be voting personally on behalf of our characters! Please email your intention to vote to moc.oohay|ytiCnaisylE#moc.oohay|ytiCnaisylE, and include the name we know you by - your vote will be, ICly, the vote of that character. Keep in mind, of course, there will be -one vote- by each -player- on behalf of their -main character-. We'll email you with a few updates on events and candidates. Votes will be made on February 25th, tallied, and the next morning we will have our new Mayor!

A few notes for clarification:

- This is absolutely -not- an election of OOC guild positions of any kind. Rather, the winner will be a character, set apart from a player, and this will reflect only in-character politics.

- You might want to choose your vote from two perspectives… One would be to choose the candidate that would make the more interesting Mayor from a roleplay point of view. Two, would be what you judge to be your own character's personal preference.

- This is an RP plot in addition to a guild event, so unexpected events may arise depending on the candidate who is acclaimed to the Mayor's office… different mayors will garner different responses from EC's dodgy political climate.

There's still a few weeks of campaigning, controversy and scheduled debates left, so keep a keen eye out!

And of course, please, we strongly encourage each and everyone to cause as much election controversy as they can possibly manage.

Any OOC questions, comments, or concerns can be kindly directly to Eli Sykes. Any IC concerns should be addressed to the candidates, at a time of your choosing, forcing them to think on their feet as quickly as possible.

See you on election day!

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