A Bad Character Sheet

This is more for fun than for pedagogical instruction.

Full Name: Saphiroth221
Gender: Male
Race: Cat ( Could you be more specific?)
Occupation: Ex-slave (Can you put that on a tax form?)
Homeland: The Planet Tralfamadore (You're in EC's continuity. Does Tralfamadore exist in EC's continuity?)
Birthdate: Unknown (99% of people know their own birthdate)
Age: Timeless (Just because you can't think of it, doesn't mean you should default to something supernatural)
Height: 6'9
Weight: 120 (Watch for strong winds)
Hair: Cat Gray (That's the colour's name pulled right from the character editor, isn't it? Isn't it?)
Fur: Pink
Eyes: Pupilless
Markings: Splotches, Rosettes (Once again… don't just pull it from FurEd)

Every type, including several never before seen in Elysia and not approved by the Rah for use.

Skills: Adept at music, healing, battle strategy, swordsmanship, alchemy, dancing, womanizing, and modesty

Chews with mouth open

Personal Equipment:
Sword, Shield, Armor, Helmet, Socks, Jockstrap all from their own respective legends.

He is half angel half demon half wombat half trapezoid half teletubby. But he's 250% man!

He is from a village that was destroyed - by marauders, a neighboring kingdom, his evil scheming uncle, to make way for a wal-mart, or by the beach boys.

He has never heard of Elysia, and nobody in Elysia has heard of his Kingdom, either. Yet, he is here.

He can't remember who he is. Yet he strangely remembers how to be rilly powrful.

He is the brother, father, son, associate, or sister of a famous copyrighted character, and is in truth more powerful and smart and well-endowed than them, anyway.

He can't remember -anything- about his past, except for the cool parts, and everything else is "a mystery" (oOOoooOOoooohh…)

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