Aeron Hubris

A Dream

Born to simple trappings in Elysian City, Aeron Waleron Brume at first accepted his fate as the heir to his father's small farm. No Mage had ever been born to the humble commoner Brume family, but one night, an unhappy child in his bed, Aeron had a dream.

Aeron dreamt he used powerful magic to built an enormous statue of himself, and a city in its outstretched paw. As he weaved the spell to complete the masterpiece, the ground swallowed the statue's feet, and the structure fell ontop of him.

Fighting Destiny

Obsessive and unrelenting, Hubris has since that time sought magical power more than anything else. Though it pleased his farmer parents to see him succeed, his ascent through the academies of Auffester and the Magister's guild were just small condolences to his warped ego. What he really desired was the power to prevent what he felt was a prophecy. Fearing one day it would come true, he worked tirelessly to have enough power to prevent the unseen catastrophe that he felt would kill him if he stood idly by.

As time went on and life's inevitable distractions stood in his way, Aeron's heart grew bitter, and he gained enemies. A serious rivalry with the Auffester Guild ended with the young mage lucky to escape with his life. Fortunately, Magister Madiora of the Elysian Magisters saw something dire in the young man and accepted his pledge to join. Though a rising star among their guild, his designs now are beyond self-preservation from his nightmare prophecy; now he wants all the trappings of power and forbidden wisdom, and is otherwise nihilistic toward the needs of his country and even his Guild.

Full Name: Aeron Waleran Brume
Alias: Aeron Hubris
Gender: Mail
Species: Common rabbit

Affiliation: Magister's Guild
Occupation: Master Mage
Homeland: Elysian
Orientation: Straight
Age: 34
Birthdate: April 22, 1551

Height: 6’ 3
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Rich Red
Fur: Charcoal
Eyes: Yellow
Markings: Rabbit pattern

Magicke: Assumed to be considerable, it being his occupation. High magic resistance. Cancellation spells. Earth magic. Minor summoning.
Abilities and skills: Chiefly magicke.
Weaknesses: Arrogance, low physical defense. His reliance on magic has proven several times to be a great disadvantage.
Theme song(s):

Misc Information

Wearing the greaves, pauldrons, and colours of the Magister's guild.

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