Governor: The Great Seal of Elysia, with Lord Troilus Eretor as High Steward in the absence of Queen Gia

Population: 150,000

Protection: 50 Peace Keeper Precincts, 8 Airborne Rider Platoons, 1 Airship Armada (the largest airship armada between Europe and Stara Ziema, (including the Yggdrasil) 45 ships strong)

Location: Northeastern Elysia, within the mountain ranges.

The lost city of the ancients, much of Aesir was little more than ruins during the Colonization of Elysia. When the digs began, careless Novari archeologists demolished much of the ancient sites in a fevered quest for information. When the ruins warranted further excavation, Aesir became a camp for non-Novari workers, and soon after a proper settlement.

Folklore would have it that the site inspired a romance for the old world in these migrant workers and their garrison, awakening in them a desire for freedom and a grand society of their own. Aesir was the muse of Elysia, as one famous bard once sang, and the catalyst for the desperate hunger for liberty that eventually powered the Revolutionary War.

The first and last battles of the Revolution were fought in Aesir. It was here that the garrison commander Michel Aucoin was coronated and became King Xavier I, and where the Peace Keepers and the Constitution and so many other cherished Elysian institutions were soon after born. Xavier raised the mighty air fleet that is the foundation of its strength today, along with the stalwart Peace Keepers and the King's Army. And in time, under the watchful proud Phoenix banners of House Aucoin, a great world capital rose from the ruins of a dead civilization.

Aesir today has much of the majesty the stories tell of, but also carries a dark and heavy heart. No Cartels penetrate her mighty walls, but a far more advanced game of treachery and power is played within.

Aesir is a true capital city, the home of all the petty squabbles and historic speeches of Elysian history. Elysia's heart sank when Novari banners flew from her ramparts during the War of 1579, but some say the return of Aesir to her majestic glory was almost grounds enough to justify the Cherry Treaty.

In the absence of Queen Gia and House Aucoin, Lord Troilus Eretor reluctantly sits the throne of Elysia. The kingdom worries for the future, but none so much as he.

Landmarks: The largest libraries and museums worldwide. Countless entertainment halls and arenas of all sorts of sports and activities. Elysia's grand and ancient Royal Palace, a converted temple of renowned beauty and opulence. Peace Keeper Academy resides here as well as no less than five universities that have sculpted many a great mind in the last century.

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