Airika Nerys



Airika was born on a warm fall evening to Helene and Jack Nerys. Helene passed shortly after of a fever leaving Airika and her father alone. Jack lovingly raised his only child about the boisterous and always busy, most reputable inn called the “Shattered Emerald.” While growing up she was taught the ways of business and even served when she was steady enough to walk and carry a tray. Always the idea of pets and their mistresses or masters interested. She would practice serves in her room. At age thirteen she was trained as a pet and soon after taken by a firm master by the name of Victorrio. Between her duties at the tavern and her duties to her master she had little free time. Upon her sixteenth birthday she received a crossbow pistol from her master and an unexpected gift from her father.


During a bar fight, Jack Nerys caught a throwing dagger… in his chest. As Airika was his only heir she was released by Victorrio to take charge of her family's business. As innmistress, Airika grew capable and sociable, enjoying the company of the regulars as well as new friends. There is a great story about how she reclaimed the Shattered Emerald from an unruly crowd one night after a long absence. It usually surfaces when the tavern's kegs start to go dry and the sun starts to come up.

Over the last several years she has moved from pet to mistress taking roughly seven pets. As a mistress she is rumored to be strict, fair and talented in what she does. Usually this is rumored at low volume by excited soldiers around her tavern tables, and report of first-hand knowledge is almost unheard of.

Art by Decadence

Full Name: Airika Nerys
Alias: Bunny Goddess, Bunnicula, Rika
Gender: Female
Race: Furre
Species: Snowhare (Lapine)

Occupation: Proprietor of The Shattered Emerald
Birthplace: Elysian City, Elysia
Age: Mid-20s
Birthdate: September 14th (25)

Height: 5' 1" (excluding ears)
Weight: 121 lbs.
Fur: Charcoal with lighter grey markings on her nose, down her neck and stomach in summer, pure white in winter.
Hair: Long and Dark Red
Eyes: Green

Art by Ilith


Arrym Invasion

During the War, Airika was at first a neutral participant more concerned with keeping her business afloat than the government changing paws. It is said however that upon witnessing the invaders' cruelty toward pets and locals firsthand she changed her colors. Just a few months into the Occupation she began hiding refugees and Resistance leaders in her Shattered Emerald wine cellar, however her role evolved into being one of the leading suppliers of provisions, weapons and rum to the Resistance fighters. There is word she even became involved in two of the battles herself.

Art by Ilith


Novari Occupation

Although her role in the Resistance is well-known, the Novari seem reluctant to move against her, fearing martyrdom in the public eyes. In general aggressive merchants and racketeering gangsters avoid the Shattered Emerald as a no-go zone for crime. Stories circulate of the unfortunate few that have been foolish enough to attempt foul play or violence in her Inn. This is in no small part the result of the official endorsement of Xander Pride, Elysian City's de facto Nawab or Merchant Prince. In addition, hired muscle and loyal retainers defend the place in silent. As merchants go in EC, she seems quite laid-back, however trifling with her tavern's business is widely considered a fool's errand.

The Factions

She is currently to be single and have no pets, but since her return from assisting the Underground, she's been overseas to run new projects in Europe. She occasionally visits Elysian shores still, leaving the Nawab and long time friend and employee Matilda Abernathy to run the inn in her absence.

Misc Information

  • Three-inch bladed dagger
  • Heirloom Crossbow Pistol and Bolts
  • Bullwhip
  • “Bag of Kinky Tricks” ;)
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