Alya Kalim


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Raised as a wild huntress in the tribal lands of the savannah prides of Afrika, she was captured into slavery when she was only 7 and was to be taken across the seas into Staro Ziema when the slave ship was assaulted by the Elysian's Royal Navy. The prisoners were taken to Elysia where they were all freed, with some merchants even offering to return many to their homelands. All of Alya's family but her younger brother had been killed however and her village destroyed. She had no where to return to. Even at her youthful age, she vowed to never allow such a thing to happen again.


The wild huntress and her brother were taken in by a keen eyed Senator named Toran Gellespa and both were raised as his own, tutoring them with the finest teachers and sending them to any academy they desired. Her brother, Tuuka, became a Peace Keeper in the capitol city of Aesir while she delved deeply into politics. She learned fast, becoming the first female mayor of Vanir. Her undoubted success of running the city behind the war machine that is the Peace Keeper protectorate, she was quickly escalated into the offer of a higher office. Grand Duchess of North Elysia.

Full Name: Alya Kalim
Gender: Female
Race: Furre
Species: Lion (Feline)

Occupation: Former Grand Duchess of North Elysia
Birthplace: Savannah Plains of Afrika
Age: Mid-20s
Birthdate: August 13th, 1555

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: Lithe, but she will not tell.
Hair: Black
Fur: Chocolate
Eyes: Blue Green
Markings: Infused with a Nxla symbiote

Her hard-nosed politics and no nonsense views toward vampires and slavery has made her very successful in her attempts to rid northern Elysia of both. She secretly held grudges against the lands of Arrym and draconic races for her past, as well as an angry eye toward the Fae after a an ordeal with Unseely suspected by some to be allies of Gallant. Once these grudges were revealed not only in public but in her politics, for the first time in her illustrious career, people are began to fear her as a despot and a tyrant, especially as she was temporarily handed ducal control of South Elysia after Lithius Kensen's removal.

Arrym Invasion

Times changed when the invasion began and people began to appreciate her sense of dedication to protecting Elysia, though she was openly harsh against the local drake population, threatening to corral them all until they were cleared of the possibility of treason. Before her threat was made real, she was captured during the siege on Vanir, interrogated and tortured until she was freed by loyal allies. It was then that the first resistance cell was truly born, months before the Occupation even began.

Novari Occupation

Alya and Shia Duvont lead one of the most successful rebellion campaigns against the Novari. Though when Shia left to pursue her own family needs in Dunmoore, Alya lead to more violent and radical approach.

The Factions

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Misc Information

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Skills: Lioness from a warrior tribe, she keeps fit and can hold her own with several weapons and even bare pawed. But she is a politician first and foremost, and a very good one at that.

She has very little physical sense of taste and often gets stomach ailments because of it. She also has intolerance against drakes and the Fae.

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