Amber Duvont


One of the rarities of nature where a child takes after both parents' species, just like her sister. A condition suspected to be a genetic aberration with her mother. She has the overall body of a feline furre but the ears of a vulpine. On to of this, she, also like her sister, has twin fox tails. This trait is likely tied to her kitsune heritage, but very strange if that's the case as most kitsune develop their extra tails by power or age, which few infant kitsunes can of course claim.


Daughter of Tetsuya Tsubasa and Shia Duvont during the early years of Shia's reign as mayoress of Elysian City. She was blessed by the Fae Page Tigris shortly after her birth, though an unrecognized blessing by the Fae Court due to Page's banishment. Like Amber's older sister, she was coddled and overly protected by her mother though her wild and adventurous streak made that more difficult than her at the time recluse sibling. She was infamous for her pouncing of anything smaller than herself, particularly bugs as she had fascinations with ladybugs, grasshoppers and butterflies (the only three species she would go to great lengths to catch but try not to hurt), and chewing on most anything, including table legs and people's shoes (regardless if they were in them at the time or not). As she grew, she was quieter than most children and wasn't one to enjoy groups of her peers, but was every bit as mischievous and energetic as a child could be.

Full Name: Amber Rene Duvont
Alias: Munchkin, Babydoll,
Gender: Male
Race: Furre (Quarter Kitsune
Species: Cat & Fox (Feline+Vulpine Hybrid)

Affiliation: House Duvont
Occupation: n/a
Birthplace: Elysian City, Elysia
Age: Child
Birthdate: January 9, 1576

Height: 3' 4"
Weight: 37 lbs.
Hair: Light Sky Blue
Fur: Cream
Eyes: Hazel
Markings: Infused with a Nxla symbiote


Arrym Invasion

When the Duchee de Duvont was attacked by the raiders and burned to the ground, she was kidnapped into the paws of her uncle, Sebastian DuVont, being lead to believe her old family was dead and that she were rescued from the chaos. It wasn't a line she believed and made her time there quite sore for her captors who were only interested in her for the bloodline.

Novari Occupation

Once rescued by her mother and returned to Elysia, she was kept hidden with resistance safe houses until the truce was declared. She now lives with her reunited family in the rebuilt Duchee de Duvont, but the scars of her traumatic experiences didn't seem to play as much on her personality as expected. If anything, it's only made her wilder and harder to keep in line.

The Factions

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Misc Information

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