Angelique Abhorsen

Full Name: Angelique Abhorsen
Gender: Female
Race: Feline
Occupation: School Teacher
Birthdate: November 4th.
Age: 25
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 143 lbs.
Hair: Long silky black hair
Fur: Snow white fur with black markings
Eyes: Ice Blue
Markings: A foot long tattoo of a blue dragon in a Chinese style. The location of the tattoo is unknown to everyone except for the bearer.

She has two large torches that she uses in her fire dances, a gold chain anklet and at least twenty gold bangle bracelets that cover her fore-arms. She also has a large black bag that she carries her torches in as well as a few books and a small pouch full of money.

Her parents both died when she was very young. In their parents will, everything was left to the two of them, making them quite rich before either of them knew what the word meant. Her Aunt took her and her twin sister into her home. It turns out that her Aunt was only using the two of them as her personal piggy bank. As soon as she was old enough to walk, her Aunt betrothed her to rich furre, thinking she could get more money out of the deal. The male ended up disappearing and he married someone else. Once her sister and her were old enough, they left their Aunt's house to continue their studies. Soon after her Aunt died from a terrible internal bleeding disease, the two sister sold all of their Aunt's possessions. She went into the medical field, studying every branch of it she could. She ended up becoming a certified surgeon and top of her class in medical school. After their studies were completed, her sister and her went their separate ways. She started to travel all around the world to experience and learn all she could. After that she was really into helping children, not wanting any child to go through what her sister and her went through. She didn't see her sister for over five years until recently, now they are the best of friends again. Recently, she has been opening a school and a home for lost children, still wanting to help out in any way she can.

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