Archmage is a very high rank among guild mages. Though Archmages are rare, usually a mage will require this rank in order to be the head of his or her own guild.

For instance, the Elysian City guild is currently headed by Archmage Niccolo Madiora. Auffester's Mage Guild, however, is headed by a council of three senior sorcerors. Runebridge's Archmage is Koli Inarra. Aesir's Mage Guild is currently headed by Archmage Suster Fleming.

The Royal Mage Company is headed by a council also, with twelve Archmages and a Grand Deacon. The Grand Deacon is more of a chairman than anything else, presiding over the council and breaking tie votes when needed. He does however act as Supreme Commander to the Royal Mages in times of conflict. He reports to Queen Gia and her Majordomo only. Currently, the Royal Mage Company Grand Deacon is Eowain Beckett.

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