Ashura Microlith


Ashura is a very unusual young man with amazing talents and profound peculiarities. Skilled in Alchemy, his genius tends to be unfocused by his penchant for dangerous experiments and obsessive-compulsive behavior. This has caused him to embrace the pet lifestyle. He possesses a knack for the sciences, as well as a keen interest in private experiments. He is rumored to have caused several explosions in the basement of the tavern over the past several years.


Ashura was born in a suburban borough of Elysian City. He worked hard against poverty, and made enough tending tables and working odd jobs until he could come to the inner city, and study alchemy. Refused by quotas at the Magister's Guild, Ashura took manual labor, and took up private study in his small apartment. Having few social appetites to spend his extra coin on, Ash amassed an impressive workshop in his tiny basement cell, and taught himself at amazing speed how to perform elementary alchemy.

However, a victim of his own obsessiveness, Ashura tended to disappear for weeks, and only reappear when he filled his apartment with noxious or explosive smoke. It soon became clear he needed a little more structure.


He eventually changed paths and was accepted to study to be a pet under acclaimed tutor Lady Aedina Kensen. Ashura, while unowned, worked as a bus-boy at the Shattered Emerald and began his experiments again.

During the Occupation, Ashura supplied information for the Resistance, and, adept with technology, aided them as a mechanic for weapons and other munitions. It is unknown at whose behest the pet performed such feats of bravery.

An Arrangement

Though Ash spent many years in the close friendship of Aedina Kensen (and under her close watch), the pet's genius caught the notice of her son, Ser Lithius. Despite having been friends for some time, the Knight agreed to take the brilliant young alchemist on as an assistant.

Full Name: Ashura Burnt Microlith
Gender: Male
Race: Furre
Species: Domestic Cat (Feline)

Affiliation: House Kensen
Occupation: Pet
Birthplace: Elysian City, Elysia
Age: Mid-20s (26)
Birthdate: October 31st

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Fur: Cream
Hair: Ruddy Red
Eyes: Brown
Markings: Ruddy Red

Abilities: Literate. Secretly adept at sciences, particularly with clockwork technology.

Weaknesses: Catnip, alcohol, high temperatures. Naive and naturally sensitive. Curiosity, particularly toward scientific experiments.

Description: Barely dressed, his curvaceous body is easy to see - a mixture of wiry muscle and delicate curve, the only contrast against his bare white fur are maroon stripes and a long, silk cloth of burnished gold, worn in place of a garment. It wraps first around his supple neck, then frames his chest and cream-furred belly in an exquisite X. It wraps around the middle of his young, firm backside in a similar cross, then under his thighs, where it covers his loins tautly with a healthy swell. It seems a few strips have been cut off the original material; they wrap around his bangled wrists, and ankles, above his graceful bare feet, set with brass rings on their digits. His long, carefully-kempt ruddy headfur is set with ribbons in some places, and around his throat is a brass collar. A few tight thin braids and gold earrings frame a young, boyish face, always fixed in a confident, submissive smile.

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