Arcadio Galvez was born to Spanish-Elysian parents in Elysian City. His mother passed away when he was 6, and he was subsequently raised by his father, Jose Mendoza. Though not particularly bookish, he showed an early aptitude for language, and often fantasized about writing great stories.

Formative Years

When he turned 16, by which time he was being called “Atheron”, he joined the Royal Army and attended their Academy. During this time he befriended Eli Sykes. While there he learned the accounting trade, but secretly coveted the life of a playwright or journalist. He fought briefly in the War of 1579, was injured, and after being discharged to pursue his career, moved back to Elysian City.

The Present

While there he became involved in the Queen's Pets theatre company, doing their books and dabbling in playwriting, but was forced to put his Bohemian life aside when it was disbanded during the war. Like most soldiers, he does not discuss his actions during the Occupation. He now works for the Elysian City Informer, but also contracts with the city as an accountant, on occasion.

He is unmarried and lives in an apartment in Elysian City.

Full Name: Arcadio “Atheron” Mendoza Galvez
Gender: Male
Race: White tabby
Occupation: Scrivener/Ex-military
Orientation: Heterosexual
Homeland: Elysia
Birthdate: July 23
Age: 29
Height: 6’1
Weight: 180lbs
Hair: Cotton Candy Pink
Fur: Cream white
Eyes: R. Blue
Markings: Gray-streaked

Magicks: Doesn’t have any magicke talents, and doesn’t especially like magicians either.

Skills: Atheron knows which way to point a sword, having spent time in the soldiery. He fancies himself a writer and works periodically in newspapers and journals, but is also a skilled accountant, and does work for businesses doing their books and copying, in order to stay out of the poorhouse.

Weaknesses: Atheron does not appear to be strongly associated with any people, places, or organizations. Apart from a few acquaintances he can be said to have no close associates at all. It is almost as though no one truly notices his presence, and if they do make his acquaintance, they never seem to report it to each other.

Misc Information

  • Small flintlock pistol-arm. A rather unusual item for a lowly scrivener to own.
  • Usually a small bag with a notepad and lead to write with, and often ledgers.
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