Governor: Lord Rajavith Vengalil, Baron of Auffester and Archmage Omberto Swift

Population: 25,000

Protection: House Vengalil, as well as numerous noble Mage families as yet unsworn to Vengalil

Location: Northwestern Elysia on the Auffester peninsula.

History: Auffester is a rather impressive attraction, especially to visiting aristocrats. Founded by the displaced mages of colonial times, its population today contains the largest number of noble mage families by far. Its local economy contains some fishing and limited mining, with a smattering of tourism mixed in to the yearly revenue reports.

Auffester harbours a large population of faeriefurres, primarily in Misty Hood where their main settlements can be found. The Tuatha de Danann, Elysia's name for its faeriefurre citizens, house all of their ambassadors and sorcerers here, but many faerie commoners occupy the area as well.

Auffester City is a bit of a sleepy township, whose primary industries are focused around mage academies and visiting scholars seeking access to her libraries. Auffester's bookish peace is occasionally shattered by dueling sorcerers causing untold calamity and destruction, though in recent years House Vengalil has managed to curb the rare instances of infighting to an even lower number still.

Landmarks: Ancient Ruins in heart of city, and in some select suburbs. Most notably one enormous oak tree in Auffester City's center, vibrantly alive yet housing numerous buildings and apartments incorporated right into its trunk

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