Balestarius is almost a trademark fatherly sort, though he shows little emotion, whether under stress or not. He hides his pains and his joys alike, having no interest in romantic altercations or even friendships. The friends he has is more through pure chance and through work, and even then, one could call it military compatriotism rather than friendship. He has lost much of his enforcer status in recent years due to a debilitating poisoning and injuries, which has hurt his pride in no small way, but he perseveres. He has every intention of dying as a Peace Keeper, retiring is not an option.

Childhood & Pre-Invasion

Born an Elysian citizen, he followed the line of occupation most of his kind had preferred since the revolution so long ago, a Peace Keeper. He was very dedicated as a youth and lost none of his zeal in all his years on the force. He began in Elysian City but was sent to Aesir to work briefly as part of the Queen's guard. He turned down several offers of further promotion and even eventually asked to be removed from the royal procession to return home to Elysian City. His request was accepted, becoming the senior adviser to the fresh young constable, Eli Sykes. The two had been close friends and comrade in arms ever since. He's never trusting of anyone, so his relationship with Constable Sykes came as a surprise to many.

Arrym Invasion

During the war, the Demshia disturbances regarding an ancient temple and wild "lost wraths" lead to an incident that caused young Ultre, in a wild rage, to poison him with a dark wrath. The injury nearly killed him, preventing him from participating in many of the war's campaigns. He did, however, lead one of the platoons that defended Elysian City from the Arrym siege. It was only through the care of skilled physicians that Balestarius survived the aftermath.

Novari Occupation

When the occupation came, Balestarius was left in his longtime position but as an overseer more than an enforcer. Even after the truce, his position was retained, despite many nobles and faction leaders demanding a younger and more physically capable deputy take his place.

Art by Ilith
Full Name: Balestarius Caballus
Alias: n/a
Gender: Male
Race: Daruni
Species: Unicorn (Equine)

Affiliation: Elysian City Peace Keepers (3rd Precinct)
Occupation: Peace Keeper Deputy
Birthplace: Elysian City, Elysia
Age: Mid-40s
Birthdate: March 9th, 1538

Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 312 lbs.
Fur: Black
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Markings: Multiple battle scars

The Factions

Balestarius has issues with his longtime friend, Eli, since the horrendous events that unfolded during the occupation and Eli's infected personality by the Nxla parasite. Likewise, his mentorship with Maria Renova is also tarnished as she spent most of the occupation in the Resistance. But despite this, he is still a strong symbol within the ranks of Elysian City's Keepers, keeping the chaos created by the factions mixing in their fold reigned in tightly.
Age, injuries, and a debilitating toxin has made him far more slow and brittle than he used to be.

Loose SL Representation

Misc Information

  • Standard black Elysian City Peace Keeper armor
  • Claymore "Stinger" and longbow "Fury"
  • Black shield with Peace Keeper coat-of-arms
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