Bardic Circle

One of Furcadia's oldest traditions, the Bardic Circle was being held since the days of 14.4 modems. After several years of closure, we announce the reopening of Bardic with its esteemed hostess-with-the-mostest, Aedina Kensen! (Formerly known as Aedina Equinae)

Bardic Circle occurs on every Saturday somewhere around 8:00 PM FST in the dream of Elysian City. Elysian City can be found at (28, 65) in Furrabian Nights (just past the bridge, under the Truth or Dare Pool sign!). Once in the dream, type the command @bardic to instantly warp to the Circle without the need to navigate the dream.

All are welcome to share songs, poems, stories, and other literary creations at the Bardic. Join old friends from Furc's early days, and make new ones!

Directions inside the dream: At the dock, head Southwest across the bridge below the tavern and fellow the road Southeast until you see the wishing well. The circle of rocks lets you know you're in the right place! Or send a `join to Aedina Kensen.

See you there!


Rules of Etiquette of the Bardic Circle

Rule 1: Keep one's sharing under ten minutes, so that everyone gets a chance to share something. If you're doing a story, share only the part of it that will fit. Everyone will get more than one chance to share, but we try to let everyone get a turn before people start their second time around. However, no one has to share if they don't want to.
Rule 2: Be quiet during someone else's turn. Whispering is fine if need be.
Rule 3: The Bardic Host or Hostess is who you whisper if you want a turn to share. She'll keep track of who's going, and let you know who you're after, and remind you of your turn.
Rule 4: Always indicate who wrote what you're going to sing or share, and if you don't know, that's fine, just say that too, or if it's an anonymous piece.
Rule 5: When you're done, give some indication that lets the group know you're done, like -End- or -Finish- or give a bow, or anything similar.

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