Blue Gorgon

The Blue Gorgon is a small pirate organization who have made the seas around Elysia their territory of operation. Named after the clan emblem of a blue medusa on the bow of all their ships, they have been in operation for nearly two decades under the leaderships of at least four known commanders. The first and creator of the Blue Gorgon was French noble turned mercenary, Gilles Lacroix, who began his pirating career raiding slaver ships along the European and West African coasts. His work was popular enough he soon had enough join his band two have a need for a second ship. He moved operations further out to sea to the stepping stone that was the isle of Elysia. But as he did so, his range of targets expanded. All merchants and even warships were now viable targets as his group grew. But it wasn't long after he was captured and imprisoned, where he spent the next 6 years in various cells until his death in one, all while his cohorts constantly attempted to stage prison breaks.

His replacement, his former first mate, was murdered before his first year as commander was completed in an unfriendly card game in Hardenport. The next leader was a charismatic Japanese pirate captain who's ship and crew of the Sea Dragon had merged with the Blue Gorgon clan, Kazuma Taishiro, who lead the group right up until the Arrym invasion. The clan became heavily hunted by the Novari during the occupation, which lead to Kazuma's demise as well as the destruction of several of their ships. Now, Gilles Lacroix' daughter, Desiree, is all grown up and has taken the reigns of her father's legacy, rallying the clan as never before. While the clan is smaller than it was prior to the war, it has never been more efficient, more dangerous, or more ruthless.


Desiree Lacroix

The feline heiress to the Blue Gorgon pirate clan, standing Captain Commander. She's as sharp and ruthless femme fatale who's rallied the clan under her in short order, becoming their beloved "queen", often referred in and out of the clan as the "Siren of the Sea". While still young, she has a good grasp on her father's legacy, with an endgame of seizing the sea trade routes into submission.

Captain Roth

A burly Novari polar bear who became Gilles Lacroix's first secondary captain back in the day. After Lacroix died, he was first offered the position of Captain Commander but declined to Kazuma Taishiro. After Kazuma's death, it was Roth that encouraged Gille's daughter, Desiree Lacroix, to take the reigns. A decision he's yet to regret. But don't mistake these noble gestures as a kind person. He's probably the most ruthless captain in the fleet.

Charles "The Fang" Emberson

A swashbuckling pirate sort who loves his job, entirely too much. From a noble family in Britain, he forsake his past to take on the wild seas. He was one of the youngest captains in the clan. Since Desiree was made Captain Commander, Fang has been making great efforts to land as her mate.

Crewmen of Note

Akira Tsunoda

The eldest of the latest generation of Tsunoda, he is a ninja-trained performance artist who is skilled with the arts of impersonation and disguise. His ability to even pass flawlessly for another gender allows him to infiltrate nearly anywhere the family directs him. He however doesn't have the devotion to the clan or his family that the rest of his peers and family do.


A brutish Scot bull with the temper to match his broad and pot-bellied size. He's always present with his partner, Lennox, where the two are always haphazardly trying to find underhanded ways of either scoring riches or being in the good graces of the lovely Desiree.


A Yanaka mercenary who found work with the Gorgon's shortly before the war. He retains much of his people's native pride, still even wearing the body paint as a means of expressing his heritage. Short of that, he's completely loyal to the clan. At least as long as they keep his payroll up.

Benjiman Forrester

Orphan child prodigy from Aesir in Elysia, Benjamin was found by chance and brought aboard the clan by Mortimus White to protect him from the less than hospitable Novari Occupation. The young mouse is full of ingenuity and an accomplished metalsmith, finding work as an inventor and an airship mechanic with the clan.

Beverly Lancaster

A British noble who was arranged to marry Charles Emberson at a young age. But when the wily wolf went traipsing into the life of a pirate, she went after him once she discovered his whereabouts. The fiery noble sheepess caught up with him with ever intention of dragging him back home. But imagine her family's horror when she ditched her entourage and went with him! Now the well-mannered lady is mixing it up with the best of them, meanwhile enjoying an on and off romance with her former fiance, despite his more recent sights set on Desiree.

Chao Xue Chin

Hailing from a distant southeast Asian village, Chao was found working as Berardi's cookie assistant. But he was more than a good cook as he was a practicing student of ki and the martial arts, proving his worth on the battlefield in short order, with or without a weapon. Most of the time, he is a relaxed and jovial sort who feels right at home in social banter. But when it comes time for a fight or in practice, he's completely focused and serious about the task at paw.


A mysterious coyote who'd made his mark in the world as a notorious serial killer and assassin. His insanity reeled in by the talents of Mortimus White, the dagger-wielding fiend still has neurotic issues regarding his long dead mother and a strange almost Fae like obsession with shiny trinkets that he hordes in an old chest. He speaks rarely, and often in graveled insane whispers of broken Common regarding the "pretty things".

Genma Tsunoda

When the Blue Gorgon merged with the Japanese pirate outfit, the Sea Dragon, Genma Tsunoda was the elder of the Tsunoda family, a family who made up a sizable portion of the the ship's crew at the time. While very aged and getting senile with his silly delusions of being Captain Commander, he's still a very wise individual who keeps his family cared for.


A samurai raccoon was Kazuma's bodyguard on board of Sea Dragon before and after the merge with the Blue Gorgon clan. Honorable but insecure, he is constantly wielding himself into a better warrior, especially as he blames himself for his Captain's death. Since then however, he's been showered with the attentions of grateful Shirin ever since he rescued her from her sheik slave master. He's not at all sure how to handle her romantic overtures.

Hinata Tsunoda

The youngest of the Tsunoda siblings, Hinata is a hyper but serious prodigy to her family's ninja ways. Her small frame allows her to pass off as far younger than she is, and her abilities are ace for getting her into and out of difficult to reach objectives, making her a favorite for burglaries of high security situations.

Josef Herrera

A Spanish bull mercenary who joined up with the clan many years ago. He's a brawny fellow with a penchant for drinking and lame humor and a true weakness for gambling, but lately he's found an interesting new hobby. Explosives and firearms.


A lanky small ferret and former street orphan thief, he's the "smarter" half of the duo that consists of him and his giant partner, Aodhan. The trouble they get into together is often the cause of grief for the clan, but their usefulness for stumbling into useful information and interesting pursuits keeps them from getting the boot.

Mortimus White

A former alchemist and necromancer for the Novari military, he began making black market trades for his experiments that got him exiled from his homeland. The pale horse was recruited into the Blue Gorgon by Captain Roth who thought his medical and magical talents would be an excellent resource. Since the Novari Occupation in Elysia, Mortimus has expressed a vendetta against the Novari, an agenda that Desiree plays along with when it fits their purposes.


A muscular jaguar from the lands of Zabel who had left his homelands at a young age to travel the Arrym lands of the lizard clans. It was there that he became a prize fighter in the arenas and where the former Captain Commander Kazuma Taishiro found what would turn to be one helluva bodyguard. He now serves under Desiree, though he still has ambitions to build his own prize fighting circuit within Elysia, should he ever decide to leave the clan.

Ralphie "Cookie" Berardi

A short stocky bulldog who's like a mother hen to the clan when they are about port. An accomplished chef, he's used to the nickname of "Cookie", but he also handles the management of the quarters the crews use while in port, regardless of the location.


Once part of a sheik's harem of gifted mages, a fire elementalist herself, she was rescued from an Arabian envoy ship and was taken in. A woman of honor, she pledged her servitude to them, particularly her savior Gotama, much to his dismay.

Sid Goddard & Lucas Goddard

A father and son duo of German Shepherds who run one of the only airships in the clan's arsenal. Sid is a grungy old gearhead who'd always suffered horrid wanderlust, but in his older age he's began to get even quite absent minded and forgetful. Lucas is an adventurous young sort who's quite happy to be working along his father who adores him. He's on the verge of taking over as Captain so his father can retire to at least a less responsible position.


An otter from Stara-Ziema, part of a clan that's become well known for technical, shows he's not far from his former peers in that respect. Not only does he oversee the repairs to the fleet, he's also an inventor of unique weaponry that he employs into his arsenal. He's instantly identifiable as the short fellow with the stetson hat and the harness full of strange boxes and pouches.

Theophilus Nikephoros

His involvement into the Blue Gorgon was unlucky faith. His former employer was a trades merchant who made one too many treacherous deals, it was by his talents with finances that Theo was spared on the offer that he worked with the clan as an accountant. He's a fearful and non-violent lanky middle-aged cat who's just looking out for his own skin.

Yozei Tsunoda

Genma's only surviving son is the field commander for his ninja trained family. His course and strict, but often stays silent and lets the words of a captain, his father, or even his beloved wife (Yui) do the talking for him. Father of Akira and Hinata.

Yui Tsunoda

Wife of Yozei, mother of Akira and Hinata, and niece of Kazuma Taishiro, she was brought into the family through arranged marriage but despite his strict nature, she truly loved her husband. She undertook the ninja training the family was noted for but still remains a novice in comparison to the others. She makes up for this for her understanding and compassion her husband often lacks.


Dark Wulff

He was once a powerful but dull-witted enforcer for the Blue Gorgon, a part of Fang's crew during the search for the Fae Zazz, his blood-lust and ill-planning lead to his death during a bloody assault inside the Shattered Emerald by the blades of Rust and Balestarius.

Gilles Lacroix

Founder of the Blue Gorgon pirate clan and the father of Desiree Lacroix, he was a shrewd entrepreneur with large plans for the future, cut short by his capture by the Peace Keepers and was imprisoned until his untimely death by illness within his cell.

Kazuma Taishiro

Captain of the Sea Dragon, he merged his crew with the Blue Gorgon a few years before Gilles' imprisonment. He was highly respected enough that once Gilles' 1st mate was murdered and Captain Roth refused the position, he took over as the clans' Captain Commander, raising the pirates into a formidable force until the Novari went on a hunting campaign that saw several ships, including the Sea Dragon, sunk, but also the loss of many captains, including Kazuma himself.

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