Bonbhat di Machiavel, Baroness of the house Machiavel and its only inheritor, is what other might call a tinkerer or a kinetic mage. She has a fetish for combining her ability to use the Art with machinery just to see what happens. However, that does not mean, she is careless or willing to take unnecessary risks. After fumbling one of her attempts at magery with almost drastical results, she has become quite careful and will think through all of her steps when perfoming an experiment.

Personally she likes to be in control most of the time, but she has a well-hidden submissive side inside her. Preferring to stay out of most political games, something rather unsual for one of her rank and title, she is devoted to her Art and would really like to see the world moving ahead thanks through her help.

(Early years and origin)
Bonbhat was born in Calabria, on the 15th of August 1550, as the daughter of August di Machiavel, son of Hendryck di Machiavel, and Elrissa di Machiavel, daughter of Fyodori de Alessa. She had a pretty well-protected childhood, aside from being forced into an arranged marriage with a local baron as a child and spending her time in the shadow of her elder brother Adonai, who was her parents preferred child.

Formative Years
(from childhood to nearly present)
This changed however, when her dear brother left home to join the ranks of the clergy, which turned their parents against him onto her side. As her entire family was part of an organisation of nobles, who dared to oppose the Vatican and its might, he was disowned and replaced by Bonbhat, who from that day on lived a much happier life.

Reaching the age of six years, Bonbhat noticed that she was able to sense things, her parents could not. Things like feeling slight changes in the weather or seeing the spirits of lost souls on the local graveyard. At first she was reluctant to speak about it, she was even scared when she spotted the ghost of her long dead grandmother walking around in their house, but after a while she mentioned it to her father, who saw this as a good chance to turn her into a weapon against the church. Faster than she could say "Goodbye" to her childhood, he send her off into the wilderness of Calabria, to a mage guild which supported the group her parents belonged to, so she could study the Art. The first few weeks at her new home were hard. Bonbhat didn't fare well with the bickering lifestyle preferred by most mages, who preferred to fight with each other, than to actually accomplish anything. Instead she found solace in her experiments and the library of the guild, who was small but it opened a total new world for her. Whenever her colleagues and teachers began plotting against each other, she hid in one of the many laboratories and began practising on her own. Her favourite toy during her time as an Initiate was a mechanical skeleton, left behind from a rather haphazard experiment. She enjoyed animating it and soon her path as a kinetic mage was forged into the dark dust of destiny.

The Present
(anything within the last few years, prior to 1585)
Finally reaching a high level and ranks among the mages of her hometown in Calabria, mainly due to her strong connection to the Art and her ability to accomplish things that left her fellow students standing with their mouthes agape, Bonbhat reached a breaking point in her life. During an experiment with the very essence of reality and trying it to use it to fuse two different creatures together, she overestimated herself. The spell, a bright white line in her mind, suddenly snapped as if it was torn to pieces right in her mind, and the two creatures, a rabbit and a fox, turned into one single blob of pulsating, writhing flesh that soon died. Since she had done the experiment in front of her colleagues, her fellow students and a few handpicked guests -all of which were quite scared upon seeing the results of her failed spell- there was no way in hiding her failure and what she had done, so they decided to send her to the Inqusition. Loosing all the status she had gained during her years as a student of the Art, she was quickly incarcerated and was to be handed over to the church for comitting crimes against gods will. However, that did not happen, mainly because of her rank and her title and a few well-placed Denarii. Instead she was put on the "Seagull", a small ship headed towards Elysia and handed her personal belongings. Banned for Life from her home, she remained on deck and watched her home fade in the distance until it disappeared behind the horizon. Then she turned ahead and faced the sea, taking a deep breath as she watched the sun sink low. A new path laid ahead of her - and a new life. She still had her rank and title, but what would it be worth where she was going? Bonbhat didn't know, but she knew that she was going to make the best out of it.

Full Name:Baroness Bonbhat di Machiavel the Red
Alias: Bonbhat di Machiavel
Gender: Female
Species: Feline
Race: Panther

Affiliation: -none, so far-
Occupation: Mage, Kinetic
Homeland: Calabria
Orientation: Polyamorous
Age: 35 Years
Birthdate: 15th of August 1550

Height: 6 feet (180 cm)
Weight: 160 lbs. (80 kg)
Hair: black
Fur: black
Eyes: deep green
Markings: none

Magicke: Kinetics, Necromancy, Thaumaturgy, Science
Abilities and skills: Well, she can read and write quite a few languages, can count higher than a hundret and is well-versed in the Art. Also she has learned the art of smithing and forging materials into new shapes.
Weaknesses: Her dark secret, obviously, which could lead to some "interesting" run-ins with the Temple of Light. Also she tends to be an unstereotypical mage by using it as a science and art form, but nothing that sets her apart from anyone else. What makes her life complicated as well is, that, while she believes in the Holy Light, she is not strictly devoted to it. One might say, she is the archetype of a classical satanist: Not against the Holy Light, but strictly against the resentments and banishments placed upon those, who try to study what the world is made of and what makes it go (aka scientists). This definiton includes most of the Church, but also some mages and other persons. (For your information: In the real world, the first satanists were scientists. Since the Vatican said "Trying to find out, what makes the world tick is satanic", their response was "Okay. Then we must be satanists since that, is what we are going to do. Have a nice day, gentlemen.")
Physical description: Bonbhat is a black panthress, usually wearing long, red robes that fit her nicely. She is not very muscular, but she compares that with feline agility and flexility.
Personality: Neutral, devoted to her sciences, careful

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