The Cartels

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The Cartels are the forces which generally control the commerce of Elysia; merchant leaders, guild masters, and noble houses that command the economic community along with the governing laws handed down by the Elysian Senate. The term "Capo" is an Italian term for the head of a cartel, though not all cartels will refer themselves as a Capo.

The Pride Cartel

Area of Operations: Elysian City, Aesir, Hardenport and Lodis
It all truly started when an Afrikan immigrant family's son plowed himself his own shipping company that grew and acquired until it was competing with the most powerful of foreign trading companies for shipping rights and exotic contracts. His businesses expanded into other interests, but it wasn't until the midst of the Arrym invasion that Pride took control of the chaos amongst the guilds and nobles, gathering them together to create the Pride Cartel. Continued heavy supporters of the old Elysian government, they are a benevolent force that often keeps the peace when peace would otherwise not be kept, especially in matters of business. But they are more than mediators, they are a prosperous group who find means of uniting business owners to make the best of the returning Elysian economy as Stara Ziema broadens its proverbial trade doors.


  • A great deal of the shipping companies in Elysia, and those that aren't directly owned are either protected by the cartel or supports the cartel quite directly. Pride made his name through the shipping industry and that's where his greatest strength still lies.
  • Several major organizations in Elysian City are run or overseen by the cartel. Pride himself, for example, owns the Marskwith Opera House that enjoys great success through the number of original and high quality entertainment venues they run regularly.
  • Owns and operates the Pride Academy, a rather new but already highly respected and successful pet training academy in Elysian City.
  • Many local Elysian City businesses are closely tied with the cartel. These include small time operators like the Shim tailors and the Nerys family to influential nobles like the Duvonts, Kensens, and Balferes.

Notable Members

A man who is as much legend as reality, as stories about the mysterious Xander are plenteous and varied, whether about his demonic strength and temper or his angelic patience and understanding. But these contradictions aren't far from the truth either as the jovial and self-indulgent mercantile genius is a gentle and loving soul who becomes as vile as any when the lines are crossed beyond diplomacy. He's respected for one reason or the other by all who know him, regardless of how they feel about him.

He was a slave trained via the Sultanate Academy abroad to be the ultimate for any upscale affluent woman seeking protection and pleasure from a collared one, but life turned a different leaf for him and after tumults aplenty, he became Pride's own. But rather than one of his harem (as Pride isn't one for the boys), he was sent to work at the Pride Academy too use all his generous training to educate others.

  • Dot

One of Xander's first pets of years ago, she was not just a submissive beauty that stole his heart, she was incredible with crunching numbers with such a natural talent, he couldn't help but make use of her. Able to rattle off complicated mathematical equations as fast as someone could challenge her with them.

  • Danika

The most exotic of Xander's harem, a pitch black fox of enigmatic tribal origins who's tail is aflame with a magical fire not so different from those of the fyremare. In no small and uncomplicated turn of events, the tribe-proclaimed goddess knelt fealty to Xander during one of his more recent "safaris" into Zabel. Her surprisingly submissive demeanor toward him and insistence to not leave him, he agreed to bring her back with him as his pet in exchange for trading rights with her people. A win-win for Xander, though many close to him claim his endearing new companion is a dangerous unholy shaman with ulterior motives.

  • Vayer the Cancel

One of Xander's enforcers known for brutally making a point in one form or the other. He's a muscled and swift cousin to the family with a knack for what he call parkour these days as well as battling with twin machetes or hatchets. He's known to interrogate, torture, or assassinate as well as anyone in the cartel and the fact that he can outrun most anyone in Elysia doesn't help one's chances one bit.

The Furia Crimisi Cartel

Area of Operations: Aesir, Olympia and Elysian City
The Furia Crimisi is ancient in its Italian in origins, dating back to the time of the Caesars as noble families who worked above and below the law to see their interests met. While they aren't presently the most powerful mafia family you'll ever meet, they have a pedigree to either be admired or feared. And they held that standard even when they came to Elysia some years ago and set up shop. Like a Las Vegas parallel, the turned the quiet city of Olympia into a vacation paradise as well as collecting Senators into their pocket quite early in their campaign for dominance. Old Fratello Lazzaro was a natural for intimidation and control with using as little violence as necessary. But the war changed things. Business went south as did Lazzaro's failing health. And it didn't help that many of his finest lieutenants had died along with his two sons to the war with the Arrym and Novari. That left only one heir, his exceptional but sheepish grandson, Erminio. To the cartel's discomfort but fulfilling the honorable patriarch's last wishes, the boy was made capo under the guidance of the remaining advisers. A whole new uncertain era has begun for the Elysian branch of the Furia Crimisi.


  • It's not a wrong thing to say they own and run Olympia, the resort town built against the mountains on the entrance to the capital. Full of gambling halls, spas, hotels, shopping districts, and about every kind of recreational sort you could imagine, it's a pleasant hotspot for people all across the island. The cartel had a hand in a great deal of the local businesses, and most of them are quite happy to pay their protection fees and interests. The cartel is their protector and hero, every bit as much as the local Peace Keepers, of whom many are also on the mafia payroll.
  • The cartel has been a long time patron of the arts and supports several museums, libraries, music halls, and other such locales and events all throughout Elysia. They have even invested in rival Xander Pride's Markswith Opera House purely for the sake of spreading works of beauty to all. This is a Fretello Lazzaro tradition that Erminio anxiously continues to uphold.
  • As trade outside of Elysia is important but largely handled by other cartels, the Furia Crimisi put their money on an often neglected portion of sea travel for merchants. Protection. They run several dozen ships that run protection ships for shipments and dignitaries that need the utmost security. This has created a vicious and bloody feud with the Blue Gorgon pirate clan who they always seem to be butting heads with.

Notable Members

  • Capo: Erminio Lazzaro

Young and childlike even for his young teen age, he has an innocence about him that unnerves his confidants and advisers who help him lead the cartel. But to his credit, the few years he's been in charge, business has been good. His dislike for violent means has kept incidents few and without any loss of respect or honor. He's kept most all of his grandfather's traditions and simplified the lifestyle to be much less stressful for everyone. But many of those same advisers are quite sure this can't last nor that the young boy could hold onto the little empire should things go south.

  • Gemini Raspallo

The eldest of the advisers for Erminio and while he cares and watches over his young charge like a hawk, he also is a crusty old codger who doesn't believe the boy has what it takes to hold it all together, let alone expand operations. While working for a peaceful means of ousting his master, he does everything in his power to keep things completely stable either. His aged body and failing senses may be misleading as well, as it wasn't so many years ago that he was a very successful con artist and hitman for Fratello, his closest of friends. He's always got something up his sleeve. Literally.

  • Rizzo

An angry and angsty youth his close friends with his self-proclaimed "little brother" of a boss. A crass individual who says what he means and says it often, always ready to settle anything with fisticuffs, win or lose. Worse yet, he's a pyro maniac who's fallen in love with explosive powders as well and he's a natural at making said explosives. He's even invented several different devices for deployment and specialized charges, making him a strongarm at Erminio's disposal, even if he's practically never used as such. Erminio sees him as his own "evil" conscience, to help him balance his own pacifism. And Rizzo is so loyal and odd-natured, he's all for the title.

The Song (歌曲) Cartel

Area of Operations: Aesir and Auffester
Chinese in origins. An Elysian variation of the Triad.


Notable Members

  • Capo: Zhou Wei Shin

The Compton Cartel

Area of Operations: Vanir and Misty Hood
British in origins. A source of major villainy in Vanir.


Notable Members

  • Capo: Royale Clancy
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