Celion Roulland

Name: Celion Roulland
Gender: Male
Race: Feline
Occupation: Peace Keeper
Homeland: Unknown
Birthdate: May 8th
Age: Deceased
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Fur: Black
Markings: None
Eyes: Black

Celion's history is fairly unknown. His reasons for coming to Elysian City are unknown, but was originally dragged into the city by a faerie girl named Page Tigris. Celion had the ability to Enchant weapons of a silver nature with a magical attack. Whenever he picks up any silver object, its automatically enchanted. This can be annoying or troublesome at times. He was working to control this power to work on his command, then he hopes to expand it into the elements such as fire, water, and earth.
His last project in Elysian City was to develop a small part of the forest to the south in order to make his own private retreat as well as a stockpile for weapons for the war.
He undertook a secret mission into Dunmoore to assist in the rebellion and to rescue Shia Duvont's sister. He died during an assassination attempt on the evil king's life.

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