The HMAS Changeling

The HMAS Changeling is an airship operating out of Elysia. Though a privately owned vessel, the Changeling has been commissioned for trade by the Elysian government and given a Letter of Marque by the Viceduke of Austerath. Owned by Captain Flyn Lafayette, she will soon embark upon her maiden voyage, trading spice, magickal ore, and other exotic wares. Prized for her speed, this mysteriously-acquired flying boat operates via an alchemical engine, using magickally-imbued and experimental Xaverium ore to achieve flight, and wind power for propulsion.

More pertinently, the Changeling is a brand new RP dream set in EC's continuity and timeline.

Cast of Characters

All characters aboard the Changeling will be either members of the crew, passengers seeking transit, or tradesfurres meaning to ply their trade onboard.

Required as the permanent crew of the Changeling are a number of varied but vital roles. They are:


Dramatis Personae

Captain Flyn Lafayette - A Quixotic French wildcat, chief officer of the Lafayette Trading Company, and Captain of its only vessel, the HMAS Changeling. Flyn is an enigmatic character, often the center of a wild and ill-advised scheme, and the source and solution to most of the Changeling's problems. Flyn resents being thought of as a con artist or trickster, and prefers to manage his reputation as a legitimate merchant, only ruthless in business. He relentlessly pursues a life of respect and lazy wealth with absolutely no violence or trouble, but is often forced to use his cunning, resourceful nature to accomplish more underhanded paths to his goal. Though a competent sailor, Flyn relies heavily on his First Mate and Quartermaster, Nara.

Naransetseg Doubling as ship's Sailing Master and as Captain's mate, Nara is a formidable figure among the ragtag crew of the Changeling. A Mongolian snow leopard possessed of Navigational genius and unmatched martial prowess, she is Lafayette's best single asset. She is known for her stiff exterior, uncommon beauty, and laconic manner.

Janice Saunders as the Ship's Surgeon - Though magickal healing is widespread, there are many injuries and ailments that require deeper medical understanding and a deft touch. The surgeon is one of the few that need not know the sailor's trade, but is nonetheless indispensable to the crew's wellbeing.

Remi Thangkarr, ship's Boatswain or "Bosun" - The Master Sailor, and seasoned expert of rigging and tackle and keeping the ship watertight and well maintained. The Boatswain oversees all repairs and improvements on board the Changeling, but also hires new Sailors according to his senior expertise. The Boatswain is also master of all the ship's vital cargo, the lifeblood of her economy, and knows what is on board at all times down to the last grain of spice. The Boatswain is also the common sailor's voice to the Captain, airing grievances and making demands.

Mavors Argyros as the Ship's Engineer

Cook - Genius required to make miracles happen out of the humble clay of ship's stores. On long voyages, diet is intrinsically linked to sanity and general wellbeing. The crew requires a colourful character to keep their bellies full, but knowing which end of a sword to swing would be a boon.

ABS or Able-Bodied Sailors are the front line on any ship, and the bulk of our Roleplayer corps. Experts in their craft, sailors seek promises of riches, rum, and warm bodies to share their bunks. They must master the weather, the complicated physics of sail and rigging, and even know how to fight when the dire need arises.

Sailors, sometimes called "Seamen" (sigh) are responsible for everything from general labor, manning the wheel as Helmsmen, navigating, long night watches, and even defending the ship from pirates or other intruders. Which job they get depends a great deal on competency, ambition, and of course the whim of the Captain.

Sailors have a variety of informal and sometimes derogatory ranks among them, and with the Captain, and report directly to their Boatswain or the ship's Mate. When sailors have earned the rank of Crewman they earn a full share of any bounty and have a voice in the subtle democracy that governs a merchant vessel.

Non-commissioned Roles

The IC needs of the ship are a crude and simple matter. Once they're out of the way the real work begins - that is, assembling a compliment of interesting characters to inhabit her decks. The Captain requires passengers, guests, and businessfurres in need of a mobile business platform in order to keep his ledgers balanced.

Mages - Very handy for fire suppression, as well as the trouble that tends to follow these powerful individuals.

Entertainers - A bard is a good omen on long voyages, but also just a good idea. Singers, dancers, actors, and entertainers of all stripe are beloved by sailors for their enormous power to improve morale. Characters of this variety would fit in very, very well.

Passengers - These are characters who have bought a space for transport on the Changeling, but the situation may often conspire to keep them onboard for far longer than they bargained for.

With no upper limit on the wild origins of these characters, and no particular sailing knowledge required, these are as important as the Captain himself in driving our Roleplay and are arguably the most critical characters in the dream. Passersby the dream will fall under this category, but many permanent characters or potential crew members can begin this way as Passengers.

Traveling Tradesfurres The world in the late 16th century is still full of wild tales and undiscovered places, and many folk hire a place on merchant vessels and ply their trade abroad, always looking for ripe new markets to exploit. These could be blacksmiths, entertainers, Missionaries, assassins, and any number of other people with a valuable, marketable skill they want to take out on the open sea. These characters will have to negotiate with the Captain to ensure they reach their destinations in a timely manner, which should prove very very interesting.

Cameos - Though we are excited to see a gamut of new characters being created, the crew of the Changeling will have numerous (sometimes disastrous) encounters with our old, beloved mains from EC.

Sometimes even as:

Antagonists - Life flying through the air is not without its detractors. Numerous villains will be needed to provide some trouble for our heroes. These need not be "evil" - there are many reasons to want to oppose Captain Lafayette, and not all of them malicious or self-serving. Please inquire if you fancy playing one.

General Themes

Captain Lafayette's greatest wish is to live the charmed life of a precious goods trader and courier to the wealthy and affluent, free of tumult and violence. But this dream will always seem a little farther away as many fates are visited upon the Changeling and her crew.

To this end, a variety of situations will require more than just knowledge of how to stack crates. Some useful knowledge for passenger and crew characters will be:

Sailing - I will offer a quick Sailing 101 class to everybody, and we'll all be speaking Sailorese in no time. A point system will be awarded for the best pupils and most exemplary users of sailing savoir-faire, and the winner will be given a sensual Shiatsu massage by Eli Sykes himself who will be out of uniform for the duration.

Fighting - Knowing where to load powder into a musket, or where the pointy end of a blade goes, are going to be key. Much to the Captain's chagrin, many transactions do not go as planned and characters with readiness for unforeseen and violent consequences will be vital.

Charm - When the meager martial potential of the Changeling's crew is not enough, a little panache, a few white lies, and a winning smile can mean life and death. Characters who think quickly and can get what they want from an opponent through manipulation are a must for the life of a trader.

Rough-around-the-edges - Captain Lafayette is not the only sailor trying to go straight (with varied success). Though Elysian City is a place for the virtuous to defy the wicked, lines are a bit greyer out on the open air. We encourage the creation of characters who have a certain… ethical flexibility, and who live by Honour Among Thieves.

Relevant Skills - A useful trade could be a boon both to the crew and to the Roleplay. This means that potentially any kind of character can be imported to the Changeling dream, so long as we have a reason for them to book passage on a ship.


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