Chapter 2 - Here Troubles Began

With the disaster of the Changeling's first flight, things looked dismal for our heroes. With many crewmen seriously injured, and many more just up and deserted, the considerable advantage of a sizeable workforce has now fled from Captain Lafayette's command. Precious few sailors and staff remaining, Flyn and Nara coughed up a considerable sum, and left it in the hands of Mavors to patch the engine back together.

Through the gryphon's eccentric ingenuity, the skeleton crew of the airship managed to graduate from a simple patch job to a full refit, burning away what little capital that remained in the Lafayette Trading Company's coffers. With a litany of technical details, Mavors impressed upon the Captain the genius of his new design; that the ship would fly higher, faster, and better. Remi Thangkarr, ship's Bosun, having fully recovered under the expertise of Doctor Saunders' care, took the helm once more and the Changeling soared into the air (this time without the nasty falling part). Things were looking up for our heroes, but how long has that ever lasted, really?

As the crew reveled and toasted the refit Changeling, however, Nara silently brooded (well, moreso than usual). Where had all that money come from? Surely their capital was long gone by the second week of the refit, so what devil did Flyn make a deal with to make it happen?

With the maiden voyage finally around the corner, Nara headed to the market one evening after to help Flyn set the last of their affairs to rights, but upon arrival she was met with a grisly sight. Flyn, badly beaten and in the custody of armed men and a mysterious Magister, who seemed to be exerting a spell of control on the Captain using his arcane words. Nara set the negotiations in motion by savaging three of the thugs with her fists, but could not approach the Mage, who appeared to create a sickening magickal barrier in his personal space. They waited long enough that Nara might get the message - we are not to be trifled with, nor paid in a less than timely manner - then vanished again. Left with only her scowl and a single unconcious thug, Nara was left with little recourse but to brutally extract the truth from her prey. But she already knew who they were, and by extension who Flyn owed money to. A Cartel. It didn't matter which - in Elysian City, they were all of them too strong to expect an easy time with.

Nara returned to the ship to inform the crew of the loss of her Captain. Standing before a crowd of dumbfounded faces, the now reluctant Acting Captain faces her most severe challenge to date.

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