Characters of Elysia

The following is a quick-to-navigate list of characters that are currently fairly active in Elysia at present. If you're looking for the much larger listing who's who in all of the characters in Elysia, go to the Character Index page. There, you will find every single character who's ever played a part in the broad Elysian story.

Aedina Kensen Female Wolf Bard, Healer, Merchant House Kensen
Alya Kalim Female Lion Resistance Leader The Resistance
Ashura Microlith Male Cat Submissive n/a
Balestarius Caballus Male Daruni Peace Keeper Peace Keepers
Crystal Red Vixen Female Fox Submissive House Sparrow
Darryk Nerys Male Rabbit Adventurer/Merchant Shattered Emerald
Decadence Female Cat Jeweller House Kensen
Eli Sykes Male Mouse Peace Keeper Constable Peace Keepers
Elyonwe Female Vex Royal Magi Xantha
Emhaier O Raghallaigh Female Cat Barmaid Shattered Emerald
Gudrin Osterlund Male Fox Mayor of Elysian City Elysia (Novari)
Kale Ausa Male Tiger Journalist Elysian Informer
Koli Inarra Male Timberwolf Archmage Runebridge
Lady Hel Mizrath Female Xantha Envoy Commander Rephan
Lithius Kensen Male Lupine/Fae Sorceror/Scoundrel House Kensen
Lord Scorpion (Dagan Scorpio) Male Xantha Envoy Commander Rephan
Llynxiana Female Squirrel Street Dancer n/a
Maria Renova Female Daruni Peace Keeper Peace Keepers
Matilda Abernathy Female Dog Chef Shattered Emerald
Naimah Female Cat None The Hollow
Rei Xor Duvont Female Fox/Wolf n/a House Duvont
Rhuark Male Cat Inventor n/a
Riesz Schellheim Female Cat Exotic Clothier n/a
Rust Male Fox Warrior House Kensen
Ryssa Kodora Female Tiger Troubadour Ryssa's Troupe
Salerio Male Wolf Peace Keeper Peace Keepers
Shia Duvont Female Fox Noble House Duvont
Tetsuya Tsubasa Male Cat Investigator Peace Keepers
Ultre Male Demshia Hunter Demshia Clan
Vaughan Male Cat Guild Guard Runebridge
Vincent Airin Male Wolf Weaponsmith n/a
wisprr Female Cat Guild Mage Runebridge
Xander Pride Male Lion Cartel Boss Pride Cartel
Zemfer Zoma Male Wolf Knight Pride Cartel

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