Governor: Lord Borgnine Vale, Earl of the Vale - Under provisional control of the self-styled Arrym New State, consisting of soldiers from the Horde of Arrym's invasion force

Population: 950 4500

Protection: Massive Arrym soldier detachment with wooden garrison walls surrounding

Location: Approximately 80 km NW from Elysian City.

History: There has been a small camp in the area of Valice Forest for hundreds of years, stretching back to the first colonial days. Originally a lumber mill site, the deforested area was then sold cheaply to a group of young scholars who created the first isolated community there. Descendants have claimed they were a mix of different furres looking to escape city life - ranging everything from religious fanatics to soldiers escaping the wars of Europe.

Cherry has kept to the same old generational lines as it began, but has always been a favourite stop-in for carousers, transients, and young people from other parts of the Kingdom. Gradually it evolved into its modern incarnation - a vegetable-only farming combine consisting of ramshackle old manors and ranch land converted for crops.

Cherry has been a famous site for many historical events in Elysia. Great battles have been fought nearby, and in the town numerous meetings of historical significance have taken place. Following the Occupation, the Novari Provisional Government had handed over Cherry and the lands of Valice Forest to the Arrym Horde stationed near Elysian City. After the Treaty was signed (in the village of Cherry itself) the listless horde decided, much to the chagrin of all other political interests, to squat.

With Cherry's ancestral inhabitants thrown off the land, the Arrym turned it quickly into a smoldering wreck, turning the manors into crude barracks and flattening the outlying forest nearly to a plain. Some of the Arrym are known to have taken to the sedentary and eccentric behaviour of the previous inhabitants. With the large majority of the Arrym population well-armed warriors, no element of the Treaty government has felt it wise to challenge the informal occupation of these lands. Despite protestations of its previous farmer inhabitants, Cherry remains under Arrym control.

Landmarks: 40-foot tall Wicker Man, burnt each year in offering to various deities for some reason. The Arrym have taken up this tradition since their occupation of the lands. Large (now largely unkempt) plantation of giggle-grass, a strange narcotic plant, which persists in rumours but suspiciously escapes Constabulary notice. Cherry's famous Bison Barn tavern (site of many historic brawls) has been converted to an equally drunken barracks since the Arrym control of the town, along with many of its other historic buildings.

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