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It had always been assumed that Helene and Jack Nerys had only one daughter, due to the death of Helene shortly after Airika's birth. Jack had raised his daughter alone while running the family business called the "Shattered Emerald" and the rest was history. But what most do not know was a short lived love affair Jack had with a lovely singer named Samantha Armitage, the only woman he'd felt drawn toward after his beloved Helene. They'd met as she was on her new minstrel circuit in Elysia where she planned on staying, but after their few weeks together, she moved on… He never heard from her again.

The reason was simpler than he might have imagined, as she carried his child. Fraught with the irrational fear that the child's existence would damage Jack's reputation, she retired a few months into her circuit where she lived within the outskirts of the Western Great Forest long after her son was born. there he was raised, living between the civilization of the massive Vanir to the north, the farmland villages in the plains, and the Yanaka tribes within the forest.

Or so the story goes.


Darryk was too intrepid for his own good. Having little to stay home for after his mother's murder at the hands of the Yor Yanaka, the young lad took to traveling oddjobs in the city and the plains until he were working the area as a mercenary protecting travelers between Vanir and Cherry and even some dirty work for the Compton Cartel. Soon he were working all over the island and getting himself into one adventure after the other.

Full Name: Darryk Jackson Nerys (Armitage)
Known Alias: Jackrabbit, Drake Marivon, Max Armitage, John Caster, William D. Smith, Sam Singer, The Cuniculus
Gender: Male
Race: Furre
Species: Snowhare (Lapine)

Occupation: Manager of the The Shattered Emerald
Birthplace: Elysian City, Elysia
Age: Early-20s
Birthdate: May 12th

Height: 6' 3" (excluding ears)
Weight: 191 lbs.
Fur: Charcoal with lighter grey markings on his nose, down his neck and stomach in summer, pure white in winter. In either fur coloring however, he has black tiger stripes.
Hair: Dark Reddish, nearly brown
Eyes: Green


Arrym Invasion

Everything changes with the war. He was no longer just a lone man out enjoying his crazy life but had to make a choice: to run or to fight alongside his fellow Elysians. He made his choice to stay and matured greatly out of his selfish younger years. He was within Vanir when it was overtaken, imprisoned and tortured by the Novari for information when he and a great deal of others were saved by a rescue attempt headed up by Alya Kalim. Throughout the rest of the war, he fought within her resistance cell.

Novari Occupation

He retained his position in the Resistance under Alya's and Shia's command, where he took part in many different undertakings to sabotage and destroy the Novari's power and undermine the Arrym presence as well. He and Sanae Masutomo had a brief romance before it was mutually broken due to her concern of her family's honor and distraction from the war with the occupation.


The Factions

No sooner was the call to a truce called, Darryk relinquished his wearied role as freedom fighter to fall back into the regular masses. He spent some time wandering the countryside and the cities to witness the extent of the damage after years of fighting and staying with one of the surviving tribes he grew up near before serendipity…

Airika had been out of the country after the Occupation, unable to assure her safety even under the Nawab's protection. It had left the Shattered Emerald without a true manager for many months, being run predominantly by Matilda Abernathy to keep it in operation but barely profitable. Several managers were tried and none were working out so when Xander Pride discovered young Darryk's resemblance to the Nerys family, he was brought it with many a question trailing him. Within a few weeks, Airika were sent word of her long lost half brother and he was handed the position of managing the place in her stead with the Nawab's blessing. Things were about to get real interesting.

Misc Information

  • A duster coat from his adventuring days
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