David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth is the principal creator deity or God of the Elysian City Continuity. Different avatars of this deity are worshipped by many different religions, including the local Templar Faith.

In the book of Epoch there exists a story entailing the return of the Creator God in the year 1984. At this time, it is said only the worthy and those able to leap high into the air and do the splits will be saved from the Day of Judgment. Many in the education system, such as teachers, are not so hot for the worship of D.L.R. Some feel the ancient religion is a corrupting influence on children.

Other religions have attempted to supplant the central icon of D.L.R., such as A-ha, and DEVO, however none have successfully overshadowed the world's most prolific religion. Virtually every worldwide faith worships D.L.R. in some form or another. He is the patron saint of Gigolos, who are an elite religious combat unit employed by most kingdoms.

Ancient texts were re-discovered approximately 100 years ago that contained writings which, religious scholars consider to be attributed to D.L.R. him/itself. These texts contain a dissertation, purportedly by the deity, on the difference between females of the East and West of the central continent, and their general attitudes. In Crazy From The Heat, the last chapter of the book of Epoch, the Prophet espouses a wish that all of the said females -were- of the West coast.

Some scholars speculate this particular quote has prompted mass emigration to the Western continents throughout history, in the process causing 2,000 years of territorial war and bloodshed.

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