Full Name: Unknown, goes by "Decadence", often shortened to "Deca"
Gender: Female
Race: Golem, infused with lesser daemon spirit
Occupation: Former familiar. Merchant of unusual and absurd baubles.
Birthdate: December 7th
Age: Unknown, appears to be in her twenties.
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Hair: Purple
Fur: Royal purple
Eyes: Green
Markings: Lavender, tabby striped and leopard-spotted

Abilities: Unexplored magicke abilities. Won't do more than sleights of hand and cantrips in public places.
Fancies herself an artist. She's most fond of beads and painting.
Literate, able to speak in arcane tongues, though her knowledge of mortal's languages is limited to common.

Weaknesses: Aversion to 'holy' or 'light' magic, places, enchantments, etc.
Ignorant of social conventions, prone to bizarre behaviour at inappropriate times. Obviously a 'misfit'.

Equipment: Gypsy-esque. She obviously has a great fondness for sparkly and brightly colored things. Usually in flowing robes laden with tassels, beads, embroidery and bits of glass. These are not always modest, and the concept of social decency often seems to elude her. She also enjoys bells, but avoids them at Lithius' behest. In a word, visually offensive.

Character background: Created as a familiar for a sorcerer of Zabel. Upon his execution by rivals, she fled to avoid suffering a similar fate. In spite of her efforts to keep a low profile, word of her existence reached one Lithius Kensen, who smuggled her to Elysia and gave her his political protection. His original intention was to keep her as a sort of magical 'battery', but their relationship has since evolved beyond his control.

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