We have a few policies on Digo avatars and other items for use in our Guild dream. They are as follows.

Equality among the avatars - You are free to use any avatar you like, Digo or standard, and no assumptions will be made about magical abilities, superior physical prowess or immortality. All these avatars differ only in species - their individual abilities must be developed the way any other character is. You may use any avatar to represent any character type that you like. (For example, you may want to play a Unicorn, but use a regular equine avatar, and save the money for pizza and Pocky. Kudos!)

"Feral" or non-anthropomorphic avatars - You are free to use any of the feral avatars. These will generally be "non-sentient" animals, and may be subject to such limitations. You accept the risk that some players may treat your character accordingly. Please bear in mind they may not be able to participate meaningfully in plot-driven Roleplay. The only exception here would be Were-furres, who change physically into "feral" animals but are not actually "non-sentient".

Furlings (and child characters) - This is an adult dream, and adult things sometimes happen. Please do not play an underaged character in any place where these activities are going on. Child characters -are- allowed, but like ferals, they may not be able to play a big part in the more "gritty" or story-driven RPs.

Digo items - These are strictly forbidden by EC law. Just kiddin'.

Bribing the staff with digo items - I like purple roses.

Toasters - Please inform the staff of your wish to play a household appliance character of any kind, and your reasons for doing so. If you can come up with any, we'll give you 20 bucks and a lifetime of respect.

Desctags, portraits and other Digo items add to the richness of a character and are encouraged.

Thank you for respecting our wishes and for supporting Furcadia with your digo purchases, without which we would not have a game to play on. Please apply the above concepts to any new Digos introduced over time.

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