Many millenia ago in what is modern Elysia, the magicians of the dead civilization of Nashara uttered words that eventually destroyed their kingdom. Believing "Dragon-speak" to be the tongue that was used to conjure the world into existence, their society guarded its secrets jealously; only the proud mage-priest caste was allowed to practice the advanced forms. Although it was said to take ages to cast even the simplest of effects, they were known to raise mountain ranges and create natural disasters at the whim of their user.

Able to be used for destruction as well as creation, the priests of the old society greedily sought the finest secrets of the language of the Creator, and eventually discovered a word so terrible that it shattered their civilization into all but a few scattered ruins.

It would be many thousands of years before anyone would tempt fate again, as the distant societies of the world crawled out of their primordial states and into the modern nations of the world. It is unclear how, but the Novari Empire became aware of these secrets, and founded Elysia to reclaim the archaelogical sites in a desperate ambition to discover what they could.

Though the last of its speakers died nearly a thousand years ago, still some legends circulate among the guilds of mages and in the distant parts of the world, where to utter the words "Dragonspeak" is almost to tempt fate. Tales are told of failed expeditions to try and unearth the secrets of the language.

In effect the ultimate magicke, among mages it is the Holy Grail, the unattainable perfect treasure, for which many have gone to truly extreme lengths for the slightest glimpse. None have been successful, and Dragonspeak remains a legend, only. Most concede it's impossible to garner any knowledge with all of Nashara dead and dust. Wise furres deny it's any more than a myth.

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