Name: Draxxy
Alias: DrakeSea
Gender: Male, though… he does feel downright femmy sometimes.
Race: Otter-Extraordinnaire
Occupation: Dentist and Lemonade Vendor
Homeland: OtterVille - Where all Otters are born and raised.
Birthdate: April 1st
Age: Timeless
Height: 4'5''
Weight: 90 lbs.
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Fur: Creamy-White
Markings: Around his neck is a chain with a golden tooth attached to it that he won at the National Dentist Society Ball. Only wears a blue loose-fitting lab coat.

Skills: PhD. in Dentistry and Dental Skills. Certificate recognizing him as a mentally sound and responsible individual in the Lemonade Vending arts. Offers free lemonade just as long as you book a legally-binding appointment for a Dental Checkup.

Magicks: Has a wide assortment of enchanted dental tools and lemonade equipment by a not-so-well-known sorcerer.

Weaknesses: Being poked by sticks.

Personal Equipment: Always carries a large black bag filled to the top with enchanted dental tools.

The history of Draxxy/DrakeSea begins many many moons ago in the historic land aptly named 'OtterVille'. This is where all Otters are created equally and mentally sound with doctoral certificates. They are all given a blue lab coat and dental equipment that is pre-enchanted. He is in Elysian City to develop his Dental/Lemonade practice and be a beneficial addition to the society. He has no family at all. Each otter created in OtterVille is a mentally sound individual that looks the same as the other with no single parent or relative. Though he does have three feral kiwi that act as pets and servants: PenPen, Teefs, and Pucker.

Note: Is is this all true or just the crazy ramblings of a former lord? No one can say for certain.

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