The Duchies are Elysia's north and south provinces, divided by a diagonal line running from Dragon's Maw Bay to the Northeast corner of the island, near Aesir.

In the North, the Duchy of Cragsfell is overseen by the Grand Duke/Dutchess of Cragsfell, right hand of the monarch and one of the highest authorities in the Kingdom. The Grand Duke/Dutchess is generally more concerned with the maintenance of trade, taxes and acts as a Supreme Court in the judiciary.

Down South, the Viceduke of Austerath oversees that Duchy and safeguards the validity of elections, ensures prosperous trade, and settles disputes between nobles. In some cases the Viceduke may act as an arbiter in court cases, but only with the risk of an appeal being filed to the Grand Duke in turn.

On several occasions in Elysian history, the Duchies have actually fought against each other. During the later part of the Elysian Civil War several battles were fought between the Grand and Vice Dukes of the time.

Dukes and Dutchesses for both provinces are chosen by the monarch after nomination by the Senate House. Traditionally only nobles have been elected to the position.

The current Grand Duke of Cragsfell is Lord Varko Lundsratt, a Novari noble and forward commander during the war. Said to be a hero for his efforts in rescuing the city of Vanir from the Arrym Horde.

The current Viceduke of Austerath is Lord Wilde Ganner, a birth commoner with a humble career background. He is considered an acting Duke while post-war order is restored in the Southern Province.

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