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Government: King Laurent Chevalier

Population: Around 1,700,000.


Location: Southeastern France, eaverything east of the Rhone River to the borders of Italy and Switzerland.


Marked for it's gorgeously green hillscapes and majestic mountain ranges, it was a beautiful land even before the clan of angelic kitsunes came from the far east, fleeing extermination by the warlords of their age. In little time, they were eagerly welcomed by the locals to stay and become a part of their unassuming kingdom of farmers and silver clad knights of the olde code. The kitsune clan was revered for the magick they brought with them and the way their presence brought a boon of blessings on the land.

Perhaps it was no surprise that it was less than a century down the road that the old monarchy was weakening under the presence of the new guests. Yet wisdom reigned over fear and the last mortal king of Dunmoore relinquished the throne to the clan leader, Xu Fong. To honor the people he then ruled, he changed his name to Du'Vont, which would become the surname of his descendants to come. For several generations, the DuVonts ruled over Dunmoore with wisdom and concern, having no interest in expansion but constantly at war with their neighbors who were rather interested in making the blessed lands of Dunmoore their own.

The Coupe de Etat

In 1564, King Valeray DuVont and almost his entire family were murdered by the hand of his brother, Sebastian DuVont, and claimed the throne as his own. Many were appalled by the first coup attempt in DuVont history but it went largely unchallenged. Valeray's eldest daughter, Shia, escaped her uncle's plots, but the younger daughter, Lera, was less fortunate and was forced to marry Sebastian to seal the throne's procurement.

The Revolution and Beyond

For the next decade, Sebastian ruled with his own brand of self-indulgence and plots for expanding the borders of Dunmoore, flinging soldiers into pointless bloody wars and delving into the dark arts. This was, until in 1574, the protests that were once held under breath were becoming very public as direct orders were being refused. The nation split into a civil war where revolutionaries organized to reclaim Dunmoore to its former state, one way or the other. During this age of chaos, atrocities were committed by both sides with no end in sight as both sides had strong footholds.

In 1577, unconfirmed dealings with the likes of the Novari bolstered Sebastian's power and the tides shifted in his favor. With little to push back with any longer, the resistance cells began surrendering or fleeing as refugees to other nations. This lead a group to Elysia where the plight reached the ears of Shia Duvont, then a mayoress of Elysian City.

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The People of Dunmoore

Mostly French descended folk who pride themselves in farming with many a vineyard and orchard littered throughout the gorgeously green countryside. They are a hard working and very patriotic to the nation, aside from the deviance that was Sebastian DuVont.

The Kitsune Influence

The amiable kitsune clan who fled from their old home of southeast Asia brought with them all the herbalism and magick of their people with them. Based in light elementalism, they had a grand impact on the ecosystem of Dunmoore much like the legends of a unicorn might within it's home forest.


World Politics

Since Dunmoore's re-stabilization, they are on "sister nation" terms with Elysia's old government (though untrusting of it's faction status with Arrym, Rephan, and the Novari) and thus are also on reasonable if ironic terms with the Royal British Empire. They also have a truce with their neighbors of Castille and Italy, willing to add aid against both the Ottoman and Novari threats.

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