Effect Of The Supernatural On History

Elysian City's continuity takes place on a virtually identical earth, with much of its geography and nations still intact from real-world history. The key element of divergence from this (apart from talking animal people), however, is the strong presence of supernatural forces in the world. This page will discuss many of these phenomena, and how they have shaped EC's alternate earth history.


Though EC's globe is virtually identical to Earth, the presence of Elysia Island in the middle of the atlantic is one remarkable difference. Roughly the size of New Zealand, it is considered to be a nexus of supernatural forces by some, with powerful magickal minerals placed all over the island. For many users of magicke, these minerals cause a dampening effect on their powers, but through extensive study some can distort this effect into a powerful boon.

In Stara Ziema, Elysia's version of a combined North, Central and South America, the use of magicke by one individual has caused widespread and permanent destruction to the middle-west of the real world United States, transforming it into a barren, overcast wasteland where little life can be sustained.


The use of supernatural powers such as Magicke has drastically altered the balance of power, making considerable changes to the lists of history's winners and losers.

Far in the north of europe, the island of Svalbard gave birth to a mighty pan-Scandinavian kingdom known as Novare. This was made possible by the discovery of an unusual alchemical process, which made it possible for the fledgling Novari to manipulate complex war machinery and the use of mind control. The Novari gained a considerable advantage over their European neighbours and stormed the northern region unchallenged. Now, Novare has become a major player in European feudalism, and by putting many other kingdoms on the defensive has prevented other empires from entering the world stage. The French and Dutch kingdoms are a shadow of themselves, embroiled in religious wars both civil and foreign. The British Empire is stretched far too thin in battling the Novari, costing it its Irish adjunct by violent revolution and all its colonial holdings. Only the Ottoman, Portugese and Spanish can challenge the Novari war machine, but are too busy bickering among each other to pose a real threat. European conquest has ground to a halt, with every nation petrified into sedentary defense against the expansionist Novari.

Meanwhile, in Stara Ziema, the indigenous people of the Americas have had a vastly different lot. With Europe a shambles, they are unconcerned with threats of colonization from the east. The Spanish have had no spare resources to send Conquistadors to the Southern continent, and a vast, technologically-advanced and magicke-using union of civilizations has formed there. In the North, however, the people have come under the yoke of a thousand-year dictatorship by the Rephan Empire, founded by conquest and a man with a bizarre talent for blackest magicke. Possessed of vast resources and military power, they nonetheless mourn their freedom from their God-King.

Altjarengo (Australia) is populated entirely by its indigenous people, who share a similar culture with those of New Zealand, the Guinea islands and other places of the Pacific. They have not been encroached upon by Europeans. They have few dealings with the outside world, but those few indicate a strong affinity for illusory magicke among their nations' mages.

Asia is mostly dominated by a pan-Chinese empire refined by magicke and technology. Though not expansionist, their neighbours in India and Russia do worry that a more violent ruler will come to power and challenge them. Japan, meanwhile remains independent, although locked in brutal civil war by its self-serving Daimyos.

Much of Afrika is unconsolidated, though their progress in the lack of European encroachment has been accelerating. There has been some incursion by the Ottomans and some middle-eastern states, but many Afrikans have successfully repelled these by the use of magicke. Most Africans live in relative peace and freedom, though some of their number have had empire-building ambitions of late.

The Middle East is dominated by the Persian Empire, bolstered by their use of magicke and psi. They face down the Ottomans regularly and usually hold their borders fast.

Technology and War

Magicke has been instrumental in the advancement of technology in times of war and peace alike. Magicke allows for complex machinery and devices to be more easily animated and manipulated. This has caused the early invention of clocklike mechanisms, indoor plumbing, post-Paracelsus medicine, and most remarkably, flying airships. Assume that magicke slightly 'twiddles' history, so that some technologies and cultural items that would be otherwise anachronistic might be plausible this early in history (within reason). EC's continuity has a moderate steampunk feel, laid ontop of its Renaissance setting.

War has changed significantly as well, with a strong emphasis on manipulated machinery and magickal combat. The Zabelians have perfected the art of Golem creation, as well as the use of the Obelisk and clockwork machinery. In Novare, Court Warlocks have actually managed to create special breeds of warriors, susceptible to mind control and strong against magicke, through the use of alchemy and selective breeding. The Rephan Empire's ruling class have similar boons in the form of necromancy and the manipulation of otherwise forbidden magickes.

Psi is also a notable factor in war. Scaled races generally have a higher affinity toward Psionic use, and less of one for Magicke. As a result Psions take the place of mages for the most part in their armies. They often use these powers, also, to create authoritarian societies, where few disloyal thoughts can be kept secret.

Ki is a central fixture of battles in Asia, but has started to spread West. Of all the schools of supernatural power, Ki takes the most vigorous training to master, and has had a slower proliferation among the nations of the world. Nonetheless, a Ki users is a formidable adversary, and many of the most powerful of history's conquerors have been so.


Though having talking animal people wandering the earth is one thing, there are many races far stranger even than these. Immortal, magickally-infused races walk the earth with mortal folk, and their presence causes fear, trepidation, excitement and paranoia among the populace. They have been generally a scapegoat figure in history, though on occasion they do band together to cause great upheaval. Try to imagine a world where faeries wandered down the street in broad daylight, rather than just being the dubious subject of discussion by people in Wiccan gift shops. Or where unicorns are real, and one comes down to your bar every Friday to get absolutely arseholed and tip you 5%. Please consult the Supernatural Series for more.

Final thoughts

Though we have made an effort to create an imaginative alternate history, Magicke and other supernatural forces mean that we can make further changes when necessary and have a good framework to explain them. With the presence of the supernatural laid over real-world history, there is a vast envelope of possibilities, and we do hope that if you have such ideas, you will let us help you explore them. For any information on specifics about technology, culture or history in EC's continuity, please contact Staff.

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