Eli Sykes


Eli Sykes is a tragic hero figure who has lead the Elysian City Peace Keepers through all manners of calamity that's befallen the city and its inhabitants over the years, but manages to keep an can-do attitude, working toward peaceful ends to every conflict. His laid back and happy attitude has given many the wrong impression about him, his antagonists claiming him to be a lazy and careless individual, unfit to be leading the city's combined Peace Keepers. Far from the truth, as his Keeper subordinates will be the first to state his case of not only his tireless dedication to his work, but as a fearless and competent leader, on and off the battlefield.
Art by Decadence


Growing up a lone child with just his mother, Valerie, in the poorer side of Vanir. When he was still little more than a toddler, his father, a modest shop keeper was killed in a brazen mid-day robbery. Little Eli was old enough and wise enough to be distraught that his father was taken away from him by the criminal elements of the world. And perhaps that's where the spark started. In order to see that he would do what he could to prevent such events ever happening to anyone again, he begged his mother into letting him join the Academy. He was then mentored by a Peace Keeper named Sierra Braum who taught him the value of chivalry and the law. From then, the young mouse tutored under the educated Daruni mentor throughout his Academy days and on into his days as an official Peace Keeper in the low ranks of a Vanir Precinct.


When the Rephan Xantha approached Elysia to aid in the future defense against the immediate threats of invasion, they made demands to be met before they would sign an alliance. Among them was attaching a symbiotic Nxla to the then Duke Wilde Ganner, which the Senate objected vehemently. Eli Sykes, fearing trouble to extend further or the mayoress volunteering herself, he instead sacrificed himself to their demands. Being the chief officer, Lady Hel was satisfied and the mouse was soon after merged with the Nxla.

Art by Pristine

Full Name: Eli Conrad Sykes
Alias: Talking City, Wings, Squeakers
Gender: Male
Race: Furre
Species: Dormouse (Rodent)

Affiliation: Elysian City Peace Keepers
Occupation: Peace Keeper Constable
Birthplace: Vanir, Elysia
Age: Early-30s
Birthdate: June 25th

Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Fur: Cloudy Grey
Hair: Burnt Orange
Eyes: Warm Gold
Markings: Infused with a Nxla symbiote




Arrym Invasion

During the war, Eli lead his large brigade of troops valiantly despite the deaths of many close friends. When the surrender was signed, the Novari allowed Sykes to retain his post as well as most of his Keepers though the Novari placed many of their own soldiers in his tentative command and to keep an eye on him.

Art by Ilith


Novari Occupation

When the rebellion forces took to the offensive to retake Elysia, Sykes and most of his loyal Keepers joined the fray. When the Factions were born from the treaty signing, Sykes continue to hold his tried and true position of head constable of Elysian City though with the Novari and the Rephan taking two of the other four precincts under their control, with all precincts mixing members.

The Factions

No information at this time.

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Misc Information

  • Peace Keeper constable's badge made out of polished brass.
  • Short sword or rapier. He does not name them like his fellow Keepers.
  • Dillon, a clockwork machina in the shape of a tiny armadillo that he keeps in his pocket for company, given as a gift by the priestess Anii Nemosuke.
  • Dragon's Stone amulet, protective magic ward, given to him by Ilith of the Orecaltea clan.
  • A White Rose pin, signifying his membership in the Order of the White Rose, given to him by the Order's matron, Aedina Kensen.
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