Elysian City

Governor: Mayor Gudrin Osterlund

Population: 80,000

Protection: 4 Peace Keeper Precincts, 1 Warship Armada, 1 Coastal Defense League consisting of 1 dreadnought (Steel Halberd), three warships (Pinaka, Atlantis, Herakles) and 15 clippers. The Xantha Black Ships are also often in harbor.

Location: Southern bay of Elysia Island.

History: Originally erected as the main port for military and archeology teams from Novari to enter up the main pass to the capitol, the encampment became the first major settlement on Elysian Island. Even being dubbed Elysian City in homage to the island itself, both being named after the Greek heaven of the Elysian Fields for the islands beauty and wealth of knowledge. A very important seaport during war and peacetime alike, the city grew to a large size after the First Novari War and filled with the most diverse population of foreigners and nationals of any city in the country.
Long prosperity existed there prior to the Second War, but after the Occupation and Treaty, Elysian City has become a sort of political Neutral Zone, with its boroughs divided under the jurisdiction of the Novari, Arrym, Elysian and Xantha (Stara-Zeiman) factions that share power over it. As a result, the city is in many ways lawless - its Peacekeepers' paws tied by political confusion, it is a harbor for smugglers, pirates, corrupt nobles, competing Mage Guilds and lucrative crime Cartels. It is not a stretch to think anything can be bought, sold or smuggled in or out of Elysian City.

Landmarks: Several underground ruins including the magical hot springs that had been turned into a popular bathhouse. Shattered Emerald, the first and original inn and tavern built. A theatre, medical facility, and one of the largest coastal libraries on the island.

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