Elysian City Chamber of Commerce

Elysian City's Chamber of Commerce lists a number of lucrative business outfits in the southern boomtown of Elysia's Vale. As time goes on new players of businessfurres may have their commercial ventures added to this list. Player RPing potential merchants should take note of those commodities or industries which already have a large degree of competition and decide accordingly on their target market.

  • Lemonde's Dockside Fishery Of a remarkably short stature, Lemonde has nonetheless commanded a large share of the seafood market for many years. Originally a fisherman of meager means, Lemonde branched out into produce and poultry and now plays the role of distributor, with several subsidiaries to do the fishing for him. Though Lemonde keeps a small inventory, his items are valued for their quality, and typically sell out to the last every single trading day.
  • Waterfront Bakery A mediocre bakery with an unfortunately plain menu. The Waterfront Bakery has changed hands many times, but appears to be cursed with public disinterest. The Shattered Emerald sells some bread products from its kitchen, but most cereals eaten in the city are homemade. Fine sweets and pastries, sadly, are difficult to come by.
  • Balstrom's Finery Confirmed bachelor Balstrom has sold housewares from his small dockside boutique for many years, but in his dedication to supply Elysian City with dinnerware, utensils and household curios, he neglected to ever settle down with a family. With his health failing, many are uncertain what will become of the store upon his passing.
  • Kiera's Emporium A relatively new herbal shop in Elysian City, opened by an ancient line of Spanish-Elysian aristocrats. Despite its founders' wealth, Kiera's has quickly gained a large customer base including the most prolific apothecaries of Elysian City. Its proprietress Senyn Kiera has eschewed more ambitious family goals to ply her lucrative trade and is known to possess a great knowledge of herbalism for her young age.
  • Schellheim's Schlips, Stoff und Strumpfhosen Filling a gaping hole in Elysia's fetishwear market, Riesz Schellheim's exotic new boutique of fetish apparel is the talk of the town. Everybody knows the new Schellheim's - Elysian City's now premiere purveyor of for clothing and wares of a markedly less vanilla variety.
  • Elysian City General Clinic This small hospital houses the surgeons of Elysian City and cares to its people's bodily woes. During the War of 1579, the street outside the clinic was seen strewn with crude gurneys as the doctors desperately attempted to triage among the wounded and dying. The position of Chief Surgeon of Elysian City has been unoccupied since its previous occupant died of the plague during the war.
  • Chimaera Theatre This once-strong theatre was closed during the Novari Occupation of 1581. Originally the headquarters of famed theatre troupe, the Queen's Pets, the Chimaera was a favourite spot for generations of Elysian City denizens before its closure. Some say a curse now inhabits the building, but then theatre-folk are a most superstitious lot.
  • Elysian City Library Though technically adjunct of the Mayor's Office, this archive of precious varied texts is open to the public during non-council hours. It exists in the very same building where the Chamber of Commerce meets.
  • Malthus & Fullo Counting House Elysian City's most popular bank, and part of the international banking conglomerate of Malthus & Fullo. The company has been a fixture in Elysia since the Revolution and even earlier, and is so in most wealthy nations of the world. Overseen by Chief Exchequer Lombard di Siena. Originally favoured by nobles for their banking needs, many commoners have begun to stock their gold here in recent years as well.
  • Magister's Guild of Elysian City This branch of the powerful and once monopolistic Magister's Guild. The Responsible Sorcery Act during the Occupation of Elysia obliged all citizens not to practice magicke unless the registered member of a Mage Guild. The first and still most powerful of these was the Magister's, who held a monopoly until the Treaty period. Though challenged by the recent formation of its rival the Runebridge Guild, the Magisters nonetheless have a tenacious grip on Elysia's magicke industry. This is very evident by the foreboding heavy iron gates of their Elysian City Guild Hall, converted from an earlier Noble House's statehouse and overseen by Elysian City's own Archmage, Niccolo Madiora.
  • Masutomo's A training facility and bathhouse, Masutomo's was run by its eponymous merchant family for generations in Elysian City. Built on the site of a natural hotspring,the catacombs beneath the building were closed off during the construction to allow the creation of a naturally-heated bathhouse, but later the tunnels proved to be of dire interest to Elysian City's Peace Keepers. These tunnels came to be of great use to the secret 'underground railyway' system of the Resistance movement, with the secret operation conducted, rumour has it, by Aedina Kensen. After being sealed for a second and final time, these subterannean areas (rumoured to be the meeting place of a Returner coven) were deemed of no interest to the archaeological guilds, and the building was once again allowed to be used for commercial purposes. The Masutomos, meanwhile, had lost a great deal of their money in this time, and were bought out by the Pride cartel in 1583. Masutomo's has now re-opened to renewed profits, but still under the traditional family name with the Masutomos as employees instead of proprietors. The Masutomos had once offered a discount for the Peace Keepers to rent the facility for their training, but the Prides have done away with this deal and now charge full price. Rumour has it the Prides have reopened the old tunnel ducts and use them for dire criminal purposes.
  • The Temple of Light Elysian City's Temple is a small but opulent affair, where adherents to the prominent Templar religion go to worship in the presence of the holy Light, and hear sermons from the Book of Light. "May the Light bless you" is often heard here, whether by parishioners, pious monks and nuns, or its Priest, Father Aegwyn Archelaos.
  • The Shattered Emerald Elysian City's foremost watering hole, and frequent hangout of the well-to-do and working class alike. Frequented by the Constable-General and even the Mayor of Elysian City, this is where you will find most of Elysian's noteworthy citizens and a great many others beside. Often OOC, this should be considered a jump-off point for socializing and planned RP, and where you should go to meet and get to know EC's many veteran members.
  • Seaside Tavern A more lower-class pub on the south side of Elysian City's harbour, run by proprietress Khris Nova. While the Emerald holds much more loyal patrons and fame, and possesses an Inn where the Seaside does not, the humble pub has been around for a long time and shows no sign of failing. Sometimes considered "seedier", for the lack of offduty Peace Keepers often seen in the Emerald instead.
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