Elysian City Library

Elysian City's library, open to public access when the town Council is not in session, houses hundreds upon hundreds of rare and interesting titles, from rich academic dissertations to light fiction. Here is a selection of books which can be taken out and read.

Front Hall, Right

The main hall houses a broader selection, including casual classics, lifestyle and newer fiction.

  • Race Against the Future by Mileg Zartyred This recent release is fast becoming a modern Elysian political classic, written by a seasoned political aide of the Duke of Austerath. The book discusses the seedier side of Elysian politics, entirely avoiding the weighty subject of the War of 1579 in favour of more domestic intrigues. Praise for the Czech author has been far and wide; some even say Queen Gia kept a copy of the book by her bedside for months, and it spreads through the Noble Houses like wildfire.
  • Culinary Arts by Gary Hun The Queen's personal chef gives a comprehensive discussion of culinary techniques, many of whom are Elysian in origin and derive from earlier Yanaka recipes. Very popular in the 1560s.
  • The Art of Waterfall Diving Though the title leaves little to the imagination, this guide was an natural sales success in a country with numerous natural waterfalls, hot springs and climbable cliffed regions.
  • Golden Chalice by Menshin Myanim The epic fantasy saga detailing a fictional account of the creation of Elysia. Considered dull and encyclopedic by some, but riveting and vast by fans. Most everyone in Elysia of an age has read Golden Chalice.
  • Blue Stinger by Shinya Nishigaki Native Lodisian Nishigaki gives a real-life account of studying the brigands of the Blue Gorgon up close and personal. With a comprehensive history of the pirate clan and a few near-death experiences from the author's point-of-view, this book, in its fifth year of being published, is still a bestseller.
  • Zaanan by Al Bohl This unlikely author creates a dialectical (some say nonsense) language to tell a classic tale of European-style folklore. Zaanan is hypothetical realm that existed thousands of years ago. Many prominent scholars of literature dote upon the book, saying that its powerful allegory and playful language make it an Elysian classic. Some do add, though, that one must first read every other book in creation before being able to understand all the allusions made in Zaanan.
  • Sudden Strike, by Victor Vinukov Vinukov details the Second Novari war, creating an accessible history from a trained scholar's point-of-view. The book is also something of a biography of King William, who was forced to take the throne after his father's death in the middle of the war.
  • Highland Stories by Alain Dubarry This French immigrant collects a number of stories from Yanaka folklore, making the oral traditions of the Aupaki Tribe available to a vast readership. This budding classic, however, has received some criticism for false references, most notably from famed writer of the Yanaka, Jackson Medaglia.
  • The Traveler by Steppen Jaxsun One of the only "gypsy" traveler-folk to publish a widely-distributed text, Jaxsun created a great deal of interest in the nomadic peoples of Elysia by discussing the plight of gypsies worldwide. The story begins in Misty Hood, where many of Elysia's gypsies make their homes, but then moves across the globe on an autobiographical of the culture, geography and ancient history of these peoples.

Front Hall, Left

This section contains more academic titles, including history and archaeology.

  • Dark Tunnels by Emma Guspellar Guspellar, a senior Auffestran mage, discusses at length the secret fraternal orders of Necromancers in the world. In this controversial book, denounced by the Eastern Star's papal caliphate for inciting fear in the masses, Guspellar alludes to a sinister cult of black-magicke practitioners living right here in Elysia.
  • Fall of an Empire by Ivanna Danzmiazopf An account of the fall of Rome and the subsequent effects of its absence in Europe. Presents the Ottoman Empire as the successor to the fallen Roman hegemony.
  • Theory of the Workings of Magicke by Anurias Firefoxxe This controversial longform letter introduces (what some may call heretical) an alternate theory of the origins of Magicke in the world. Firefoxxe makes use of the Ancients Civilization as the resting place of magicke's true secrets, and although this is generally not the view of either the Auffester mage academies or the Temple, this view has gained some traction in academic circles of late.
  • The Yanaka Tribes by Jackson Medaglia The famous author and provocateur's earliest work, this text is an easy manual for understanding the nature and cultures of the various Yanaka tribes. It includes a history of other tribes which may have one time existed, but were wiped out by Novari, other competing Yanaka, or simply merged into modern groups. Though not as scathing and controversial as Medaglia's later works, the author calls on the government for massive reforms in the Yanaka state of affairs, and even at times accuses the government of collusion in genocide.
  • A Brief History of Elysia Island by Ness Riley The most famous and accessible of chronicles on the Kingdom of Elysia, this book written by Elysian City native and author Ness Riley is lauded for its rigorous referencing and even-handed treatment of parties involved in the creation of Elysia. It is widely considered an objective, factually accurate and accessible book, and is generally a required textbook by mage academies, Peace Keeper training centres and other educational institutions.
  • Champion of Aesir by Maximilian Ponce A biography of Gia Aucoin, better known as Queen Gia of Elysia. It lauds the most recent monarch and her struggle against the failing reputation of her House, and often contrasts her positively against previous Kings.
  • Collec Sha Vure by Greaves Saneyh A history of the Horde of Arrym - by an actual Arrym author. This version is translated from the original Arrym Arabic manuscript, and is one of Elysia's newest bestsellers, having been introduced by the Arrym Horde prior to the War of 1579
  • Life and Times of Xavier I by Anders Greykat The definitive biography on King Xavier I. This book is often paired with Ness Riley's A Brief History of Elysia in schools, though some scholars claim it depicts Elysia's first monarch in a far too positive, romantic light.
  • Archives of the Ancients and Studies of the Ancients by Anders Greykat These two tomes, often listed together, detail the seasoned archaeologist's findings on his lifetime of work studying the ruins of the Ancients' Civilization. Possibly the most rigorously-scrutinized of all historical or scientific writings in the Kingdom, it nonetheless fares well with critics and has been printed and reprinted in multiple new editions. Often considered a bit too scientific for casual reading.
  • Furcadia: Lands of Kasuria, Furcadia: Lands of Drakoria and Furcadia: Olde World by Xianghua Three books whose pages are, strangely, completely blank.
  • Ancient World of Lost Secrets by Mannie Faeses A more accessible supplement to Anders Greykat's writings on the Ancients Civilization. This gives a general overview of the two tomes, as well as a plainly-worded description of what is known and unknown of the world's first society.

Back Room

This room at the rear of the library houses some notably less academic titles, as well as a few titles for adults only.

  • BDSM for Dummies by TMI Publishing A tell-all introduction on the practices of Bondage, Dominance and Submission, and other related fetish interests. For a great real-life intro, try this BDSM classic.
  • To Yiff or Not To Yiff: A Handbook for Pets by Martin Fluft A popular book some years ago, though considered fluff by some more serious authorities on the subject of BDSM.
  • Masters and Pets by Lucia Garnera The first, somewhat autobiographical dissertation on BDSM by famed enthusiast Lucia Garnera. This book delves specifically into gay male BDSM relationships and the psychology of their dynamics, though the author would later go on to write advice on heterosexual and lesbian partnerships as well.
  • Freedom by Kenah Harkin Kenah Harkin was among one of the former Novari slaves to achieve academic recognition in the young Kingdom. This famous autobiography was a call to action to Revolutionary leaders, and is a beloved classic to this day.
  • Creature from the Black Baboon by Silverton Laslaf A cult comedy classic and favourite of Elysian teenagers and adults alike. It has received something of a revival in recent years, as parents pass it on to their children's generation.
  • Furres and Nature by Miles Prower Under the surname, this infamous book was a poetic environmentalist diatribe written by a serial murderer. The book is generally banned, though in recent years the ban is rarely enforced.
  • Ocean of Stars by Forrest Lansing Lansing, a Templar monk, wrote this famous spiritual novel while living ascetic in the Aesir mountains. The author speaks of the virtue of the Templar faith, but nonetheless espouses great respect for the Brauma, Yanaka monks with whom Lansing had a great deal of contact over the many years of his pilgrimage.
  • Sciences Guidebook An outdated textbook by author Lucius Boddy. Recent editions have sold poorly with educators, finding the reference too general.
  • Passive Force by Sky Lukewalker How'd this get in here?
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