Elysian City Keepers

There are five precincts that make up the grid of Peace Keeper protection within Elysian City. Each have a constable, at least two deputies and a varying number of Peace Keepers who patrol, sentry, perform menial tasks of law, respond to issues, keep track of products and people who come through the city, and administrative duties. Each is also outfitted with offices, small barracks, holding cells, and an armory of appropriate size to their numbers.

1st Precinct

The 1st Precinct is in the heart of the city and houses large barracks and the main armory as well as having winged mount stables and launching area having been built since the Arrym invasion.
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2nd Precinct

2nd Precinct is the northern most outpost, and is the precinct that handles most of the foot traffic that comes in and out of the city.
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3rd Precinct

3rd Precinct is the southern most facility and handles most of the seagoing traffic. While the 1st Precinct is the Elysian City Peace Keeper headquarters, it is the 3rd Precinct where constable-general Eli Sykes resides his office.


Eli Sykes

Middle-aging mouse constable who'd stood his ground time and time again, creating a reputation for himself of being a man of the people. He's fought in the war in multiple campaigns including the bloody siege on Elysian City, held his own under the Occupation and preventing a great many persecutions and deaths within the city by holding the peace (though many have lost faith in him because he didn't not side publicly with the resistance), and continues to uphold justice in the turbulent times of the Treaty. he's heavily respected by his peers and comrades, often seen with his tiny clockwork pet armadillo and the eerie wings of the Nxla symbiote forced upon him by the Xantha.


Balestarius Caballus

One of the old guard of Elysia, the aging enforcer is the staple of everything proper about the Daruni code as well as the Keeper and Templar codes. Injured and impaired with an incurable poison by a Demshia crisis, he's under pressure to retire, but he swears he will find his end with his Keeper armor on his chest.


The son of the Kirun tribe chief shaman, Dagdah, he took to the Elysian ways of life over those of his people at a young age, much to the bewilderment of his father. After his training as a Keeper, he was personally assigned to 3rd Precinct by Eli Sykes both for his skills and talents as well as a favor to his father to keep an eye on him. It wasn't long before Salerio had proven himself well and was deputized just prior to the war.

Erik Larhoff

An inventive and bright eyed Novari officer who was deputized under the Occupation but stayed on even after the treaty. He respects his Elysian counterparts more than most of his fellow Novari Keepers, but its his genius with simple mechanics and his humorous wit that truly won over the precinct.

Notable Peace Keepers

Bergen Atell

A sly arctic fox from the Novari camp, destined for a high rank at his current rate. Two of the Novari Daruni, Dorn and Zaltia, who were installed when he was stay close with him at all times when not on assignment seem to act as bodyguards as if Bergen were royalty. It's highly rumored than he is the relative of one of the Novari high council, a rumor Bergen doesn't deny.

Dermot Onicks

Clean cut and militaristic Daruni who'd served under Sykes and Balestarius since his first day out of the academy. Since the war, he's never quite been the same and rarely speaks unless it relates to important work to his job.


An enforcer Daruni, silent and emotionless as most of the Novari Daruni are, near golem like in his presence in any situation. He stands out however as one of the few Keepers who doesn't use an issue weapon but instead keeps a large flamberge sword with him instead. He's also seen often with Bergen Atell as if he takes secret orders from him.

Edgar Tendo

Like Balestarius, he is one of the few Peace Keepers who actually predates Eli Syke's position as constable, though he's not much older than his mouse superior. Edgar is a bard at heart, with a merry gait and a whimsical tune at his lips. The sort to look for peaceful solutions before ever reaching for his weapon. But rest assured, if it comes to it, his blade sings every bit as well.

Gal'rhett (Gator)

While many Arrym fit into Keeper life with a certain amount of humility and understanding for the Novari and even Elysian senses of justice, there are those, like Gal'rhett, who are just shy of being arrested themselves. Nicknamed Gator, he is crude, uncouth, violent, and has little good to say about Elysian politics or its people. The only reason he is humored at all to be a Peace Keeper, is he's the nephew of one of the standing Arrym leaders who's actually working toward peaceful solutions. No one likes Gator and he doesn't like anyone else. An arrangement that suits him just fine.

Granseal Petra

Former Precinct sentry, Granseal is a workhorse of discipline and honor, though grumpier than most if he's being interrupted from his duty. Due to a training injury, he has a chronic cough that makes many think he has a cold, constantly offering him remedy ideas, must to his annoyance. He now serves as door guard for the Elysian City city hall.

Maria Renova

Expected to take Balestrius' seat as deputy should he ever retire, Maria is a prodigy Daruni, famed for her sleuthing work before the war. She however turned her back on the Keepers during the Occupation and joined the resistance. This has caused no small rift between herself and her comrades as she is allowed to return to her post since the Treaty has passed. Her emotions are for more "normal" than most Daruni, a trait that seems to be increasingly common among the latest generation of Elysian Daruni.

Mifurey Valvios

A valiant and confident Fyremare Daruni who was stationed to the 3rd Precinct right before the invasion broke. She has since served as Precinct sentry while becoming Sykes' bodyguard when he's on the battlefield. It is commonly said among the Arrym that to face Valvios is to pass through hellfire. Needless to say, she has a reputation to her fierce and destructive presence.

Nara Vale

A good natured Daruni, a member of the noble House Vale, who has served as Precinct sentry for over a decade. A position she feels comfortable with as she is able to help travelers with directions. She had a brief romance with Katya Romanenko that neither speak about often, but remain close friends since. She also has a close working relationship with her ex-partner, Granseal Petra.


Perez is a portly skunk who's got a jovial can-do attitude. Mostly in an administrative position, he's well known within the Precinct because joke of the week that's been tradition since his first month on the job. No one recalls how it first started it, but one of the punchlines of one of his oldest jokes involved pudding. And so, usually twice a week several of the Keepers would swap turns at buying him a bowl of pudding to have waiting at his desk that morning. A tradition that still continues after all these years, helping to add a more positive spin on the start and end of the week.


A former bodyguard for the Xantha envoy, the martial arts trained warrior monk lion was placed into the 3rd Precinct by special request. Soft spoken and almost zen-like in his qualities, he despises crudeness and inefficiency, something that's taken him quite sometime not to be verbal about.

Vendell Etman

Former city hall door guard, he was turned to patrol duties when Granseal Petra was given his assignment. A long time Keeper, he was one of the many war survivors who stayed on despite the Occupation out of loyalty to Eli Sykes. He tends to remain in the background of the group but is no less an essential.

Voscar Achon

Armory captain for the 3rd Precinct, the dwarfish canine is everything you'd expect from a grizzled wardog: War stories, bad singing, strong alcohol, and penchant for violence. His only family, his younger brother, was killed in the Arrym invasion. While he holds the Arrym no malice, he can be often found drinking himself into a solemn stupor.


Built like a tank, even for a Daruni, she has been mistaken for a Thunderhoof before. Zaltia is a sharp minded but typically unemotional Novari enforcer who seems to take secret orders from Bergen Atell. She also is seen shopping for various cakes and breads almost every other day, a favorite to her otherwise unconcerned gourmet palette.

Zorin Sivol

A brash young Demshia who was added on during the Occupation as a way to ensure the small populace of Demshia that they were not without their representatives in the government. Zorin made good his recruitment with his zealous willingness to see his unique skills put to good use.

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4th Precinct

4th Precinct is far to the west and handles the protection of not only the residential sections of town, but also the manors and forests surrounding the western and north-western edges of town.
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5th Precinct

The 5th Precinct was originally merely an outpost to keep security and traffic checks for the airship port it was built on on the eastern mountain but it had grown to a full-fledged air force with three airships and several flying mount squadrons out of necessity during the invasion crisis.
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