Elysian Constitution

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The Constitution Act of the Empire of Great Elysia

Being that the people of the Elysian Republic having made themselves One People under the wisdom of the Eastern Star, we here undersigned declare the creation of a new Empire For The People, under the guidance of our Spiritual Sovereign the King Xavier, and form the Laws of Government by that all Elysian peoples irregardless of means and birth shall abide.

Article 1 The Formation of Government

Section 1: All power herein granted shall be vested in the Great Seal of Elysia, which shall consist of one central Monarch descended by the line of King Xavier the I of Elysia, two Houses of Parliament, which shall be the Senate House of Commoners and the Royal Assembly of Nobles. Bills may be tabled by any member of either house, but not by the Monarch. Bills may not pass into law without the majority of both houses (individually) voting Ay to the passing of the bill into law. Upon passing, the bill will become part of this here Constitution Act and shall be considered an Amendment.

Section 2: The Monarch shall be descended by an unbroken line to King Xavier the first of Elysia, wherein Crown Succession shall be chosen by the immediateness of relation. In the event of contention, the final decision will be rendered by the accord of the Prime Minister of the Commons and the High Chancellor of the Senate. These two officials shall consider strongly to provide a King before a Queen and an older Candidate to Succession than a younger one.

Section 3: The House of Commoners shall be duly elected by process of vote by all those who bear Certificates of Birth or Certificates of Citizenship. These citizens by necessity, must vote in one and only one Riding of their choice and must present either Certificate of Tenancy, Land Deed or else written endorsement in the event of Serfdom. This Election should be held every 4 years in each Riding and is to be overseen by the Ducal Army of the province within which the elections are held.

Section 4: The members of the Royal Assembly of Nobles shall be chosen by petition by a Noble House to the Monarch, then to be ratified by the Assembly's Small Council of seniormost Members. They will among them choose a High Chancellor who will be responsible for breaking tie votes and who will oversee the tabling of bills. The Monarch shall consider most importantly the holdings of lands, tenants and titles of the candidates for this Royal Assembly.

Section 5: Each House shall be judge of the elections and appointments and over its members and subject to only the Monarch otherwise.

Article 2 The Duchies of Cragsfell and Austerath

Section 1: Neither the Senate House nor the Royal Assembly shall pass any law respecting any one group of citizens over any other, forsaking creed, race, origin and Noble House. The Royal Assembly may enact that which preserves the integrity of their lands, esteems and titles at no expense to the liberty of the tenants of their lands.

Section 2: That this equal birthright among all Elysians, of great moral Import, be protected in times of strife, the Crown shall create in the North the Grand Duchy of Cragsfell in the North Province, and in the South it shall create the Lesser Duchy of Austerath, to vouchsafe the moral standing of the King's Army in peace and war besides.

Section 3: The succession of the Duchies shall be chosen by the assent of the Monarch in the time of war, and but needs must be ratified by process of the law in Peace Time. The Monarch shall choose the Duke or Duchess of each province on the merit of the candidates.

Section 4: In the event that the Senate House or Noble Assembly are found to be in contempt of these here proscriptions, it shall be the duty of the Dukes and Duchesses of the two Provinces to bring them to order once again. The office of the Grand Duke of Cragsfell shall be the superior power in this event.

Section 5: The citizens of each Duchy and township shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several others, but are required to be in harmony with the Houses in possession of their lands or the Offices of the Mayors of the townships of Elysia.

Article 3 The Peace Keepers

Section 1: The Duchies shall under the watchful care of the Temple create a grand Holy Guild of Peace Keepers, who shall be the arbiters of these here laws and sworn in fealty to defend the rights of all Elysians proscribed herein. They shall be drawn from the ranks of commoners alone and instructed in the Templar ministry and in the bearing of arms in defense of Elysia.

Section 2: These Peace Keepers shall be be Priests of the Templar faith and the guardians of these laws, yet always mindful shall they be of the wall betwixt the Temple and the Crown. The Order shall be beholden only to Monarch, Duchy and their elected High Commander and Council.

Section 3: These Peace Keepers shall not in peacetime swear to the King's Army's service, and in the event of war should their Constables be granted command of the several militia forces by the Monarch. The Monarch may call upon the Peace Keepers in times of dire need under his Emergency Powers to take up arms in defense of Elysia or of the Templar faith.

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Article 4 Rights

Section 1: All Elysians shall have the right to liberty and equal status under the laws both judicial and and legislative. Also shall they have the right to keep and bear weapons that they might defend the Kingdom from threats external and domestic. All Elysian citizens have the right to vote in the election of members of the Senate House of Commoners.

Section 2: All peoples within the borders of Elysian whether they be citizen or otherwise are hereby granted the right of due process of the law. Aliens in Elysia as well are beholden unto the laws of the Land and must abide by all the laws that are contained herein.

Section 3: All citizens shall have the right to petition to the offices of the Duchies in the event of contention with the offices of their Lordmayors or the Houses whose lands they occupy.

Article 5 Judiciary Authority

Section 1: The judicial power of the Kingdom of Elysia shall be vested in one Superior Court, and in such inferior courts as the Monarch or assent of the Houses may from time to time ordain. The judges, both of the supreme and inferior courts, shall hold their offices in high esteem, and shall, at stated times, receive for their services a compensation which shall not be diminished during their continuance in office.

Section 2: The power of the Courts shall extended to all cases in law arising under this Constitution and the laws of the Kingdom. This shall include all treaties made under their authority; to all cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, and to all controversies involving the Duchies, the townships, Elysia and other foreign states.

Section 3: The trial of all crimes shall be by an impartial judge, and the trial shall be at such place or places as the Great Seal of the two Houses may by law have directed.

Section 4: Treason against the the Crown and the Kingdom shall consist of a furre levying war against Elysia or in giving aid and comfort to Her enemies. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court. Only the Superior Court of Elysia shall have the right to declare the punishment for treason against the Kingdom.

Article 6 Taxation

Section 1: Direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several townships and counties, respectively included in this union, according to their respective numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole number of free persons and dividing throughout. These moneys shall be the property of the Monarch who shall in turn replenish the Treasuries of the Duchies and the several townships at the discretion of His or Her personal cabinet.

Section 2: Nobles shall have the right to demand tributary taxes from the tenants of their lands under which they shall have protection under the law in the event of truancy from agreements hitherto made.

Section 3: No citizen shall be exempt from the taxation herein described, under the law, which binds Noble and commoner alike.

Article 7 The Status of the Constitution

Section 1: This Constitution, and the laws of the Kingdom of Elysia which shall be made in pursuance thereof shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby.

Section 2: The Great Seal of the two Houses and the Crown may propose additions to this here Constitution Act. Only in the event of majority vote by the Assembly of Nobles, the Senate House and the assent of the Crown shall any of these additions be amended to this document.

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Article 8 The Yanaka

Section 1: The several peoples of the Yanaka tribes shall have equal protection under law and equity of this Land and are subject to the High Laws herein. These peoples shall be exempt from service in the King's Army save in times of Emergency Powers under the Monarch.

Section 2: Being that all Elysian citizens are found equal under this here constitution, at no time shall any Guild or part of the government forbid the participation of any Yanaka citizen in the legislature nor in the service of arms in defense of Elysia or of the Yanaka lands.

Section 3: The Houses shall abide by the Treaties held by all the many several Tribal Councils, which shall be considered a part of this here Constitution. No law shall be introduced forsaking these treaties nor proposing the redistribution of Tribal landholding. At no time shall either House of the Great Seal interfere in the process of Yanaka Law which shall be favoured in cases of minor infraction or equity on Tribal Lands.

Section 4: The Crown and the Houses of the Great Seal shall aid in the pursuance of the Yanaka electorate, and administer force of arms or any other assistance required in the election of Tribal Chiefs. This shall be in the best interest of the Yanaka peoples.

Article 8 Ratification and Birth of Elysia

Section 1: The ratification of the conventions of the two Colonies of the North and South shall be sufficient for the establishment of this Constitution between the Colonies so ratifying the same. They shall thereby become the North Province and Duchy of Cragsfell and the South Province and Duchy of Austereth respectively, and with their ratification is formed the Republican Kingdom of Elysia Island. Let no law nor amendment ever put this asunder.


His Majesty King Xavier, First of his Name, Protector of the Faith and Ruler of the Kingdom of Elysia
His Holiness Grand Caliph Sirius Bolerophon
General Ignatius Vincent, Lord Commander of the King's Army
Lord Giaccomo di Siena, Chief Officer, Malthus & Fullo
Lord Staugh Volefrason, Duke of Cragsfell
Lord Guang Zhu, Earl of Vedas
Lord Gheswin Tyrole, Earl of Vanir
Lady Fiona Camarillo, Countess of Hardenport
Doctor-Commander Ignatius Vincent, Royal Surgeon of Elysia

Lady Veldereth Eretor

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