Episode Guide

The following is your official Roleplay Episode Guide. It includes an explanation of the Episode system, lists of players registered for each Ep and a basic overview of each Episode's plot.

Episodes are unique Roleplay plots written in advance by a GM. They are plots in the sense that they have a basic framework, but no conclusions are written. This has the unique effect of making them truly open-ended. GMs will play any necessary NPCs or enemies, but will not be in charge of the outcome.

Episodes are broken down into a series of Events. Events are significant moments in an Episode's plot, when characters must make decisions or take actions that will determine the outcome. It should be emphasized that there is no perfect right or wrong answer for each Event, only that the outcome of the Episode and of future plots will reflect the actions of the players. Since only the GM knows of the number and nature of Events, characters will not be specifically told an Event is taking place. Once the pre-written number of Events have come to pass (regardless of the outcome of each), the Episode ends. Afterward, the GM will review the consequences of the players' actions, and any longterm effects on the overall plot will be included in future Episodes.

Episodes can contain as much free-form Roleplay as the players see fit. There is no time requirement, and so as much or little extra play can occur between Events as desired. Generally, RPs should be scheduled by players to meet their needs. We ask that players please communicate with their GM frequently to discuss times, events and outcomes as much as possible.

Any player can use any character for any Episode, so long as this can be agreed upon by all the players prior to the beginning of the Episode. A wide variety of character types can be used for each episode, and it will be up to potential groups of players to plan what would be best. This party-building phase can even be roleplayed out, as one character enlists the aid of another and another and so forth.

The outcome of each episode will be recorded here and elsewhere on this site for future reference.

Episode 1 - Defense of the Hollow

The Hollow, a Southwest neighborhood in Elysian City was nearly burned to the ground during the late part of the War. Once a thriving working-class borough, it took the worst beating during the siege of Elysian City, and sustained much damage from the Insurrection that followed. A few rotting structures remain, but most are condemned, and the majority of the residents now live in squalor, huddled in shacks and collecting rainwater. Though nobody's shouting it in the streets, it's an open secret; the people of the Hollow are dying, and nobody is doing anything about it.

With the army having left the city and the Peace Keeper leadership too divided and stretched thin to gain a foothold in the area, the Hollow is now addled by plague, opportunistic criminals, and starvation. The Nobility, meanwhile, had no sympathy for the lower-class denizens even before the war, let alone now. The ruined wellspring feeds the population contaminated water, and without medical supplies or money to pay for them, the quadrant has reached crisis stage. What little donations of food and cargo sent to the Hollow usually fall into the hands of gangs of thugs, many of them former Arrym soldiers.

Salerio Lyssias, Captain of the Elysian City Peace Keepers 3rd Precinct was recently overheard in the Shattered Emerald, lambasting both the Mayor's office and the regional government for their inaction in the crisis. He ranted about a camp of Arrym squatters in the area, and how they had something to do with the lack of Peace Keeper presence. But maybe he's right. If Captains of Precincts can't help the situation, who can? Aren't there any concerned citizens willing to help out?

If there were such citizens, it is logical to assume Salerio might be a good place to start. Maybe he has some idea how to change the situation. But be forewarned - plague, well-armed cut-throats and a contaminated wellspring are not to be taken lightly. This is no job for armchair Saints.

Characters registered thus far:
Garriot DeVries
Samuel Vincent
Aurmil Babalor

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