EC in Furcadia

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In Furcadia, the dream for Elysian City is much much smaller than the actual city as meant only as a compressed highlight of some of the more important locales within the city. It's still a decent representation of the city itself for role play purposes. Below is a quick list of locales to help you get around the map easier.

Quick Links

  1. Theatre
  2. Elysian City General Clinic
  3. City Hall & Library
  4. Aurora Bookstore
  5. Tsubasa Tailor Shop
  6. Market Square North (blacksmith and Draxxy's)
  7. Market Square South
  8. Ruins of the Lighthouse
  9. Dojo & Bathhouse
  10. Town Square
  11. Keeper's 3rd Precinct
  12. Shattered Emerald
  13. Magister's Guild
  14. Beachfront
  15. Seaside Tavern
  16. Memorial Lagoon
  17. Temple of Light
  18. Road to the Duchee de Duvont
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