Full Name: Gallant (?)
Gender: Male
Race: Marten - Faeriefurre
Occupation: Villain!
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130
Hair: Green
Fur: White
Eyes: Green

Abilities: All manner of tricks, poisons, and powerful alchemy. Affinity for magickal artifacts.

Weaknesses: Iron. Being discovered.

Personal equipment: No weapons. A strange bag of mushrooms.

Gallant came to Elysia originally in the guise of a Seelie Court emissary, however eventually revealed himself to be an impostor for the real Seelie Ambassador, Rin Zephram. Gallant has made several appearances in Elysia, each time ending in chaos and tumult. Though more self-serving and mischievous than downright evil, tragedy has been only narrowly avoided from his several schemes. Popular stipulation is that he is actually from the dreaded Unseelie Court, though in actuality Gallant is a member of an entirely separate sect of new-world faeries with extreme views toward mortals.

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