The world of EC strongly resembles Earth of Real-life. It is an alternate history with magicke, without humans, and with a great deal of other peculiar circumstances besides. Set in the late 1500's, EC's world is a vaguely Renaissance background with some unique properties as a result of magicke and the supernatural.

Anthropomorphic animals populate the world, no longer divided by species but mingled together all across the globe. Magicke, and powers even more unusual dot the pages of history, falling in and out of favour with feudal monarchs and revolutionary leaders. The spectres of war, religion and conquest of the supernatural loom over all the globe. The quest for the world's resources and ancient magics call strange new friends and foes from the far unknown corners of creation.

And across the continents, world we know morphs into something far stranger still. For the full details, please click the links of interest below.


Afrika is a land mostly untouched by foreign incursion, and is structured into a small few Empires in the north and independent city-states in the South. Recently, though, her north has become a battleground between the Novari and the Ottomans, fighting to secure vital trade routes to Europe and the East.

Asia's great empires have largely shunned outside influence, experiencing a historic reformation in the lands of Shenzhou China, the Shogunate of Japan and the mighty city-states of the Southeast. Independent from Western meddling, Asia's societies now look inward, advancing their vast technology, magicke and society to untested heights.

Europe needs little introduction, but the altered reality has caused many changes in the way we think of Europe. Not the least of which, the ongoing battles against both the Novari Imperium and its many unfortunate neighbours. Conquest and war have reshaped the borders of nations, erasing some from history and giving birth to unknown others.

Stara-Ziema, EC's savage and imperialistic rendition of the Americas, encompasses all of the Western Hemisphere's geography. Hundreds of tribes scatter the landscapes while major players like the Rephan Empire and the Kingdom of Zabel fight for dominance of these vast and resource-rich lands. They shun outsiders mercilessly for now, but the day may come soon when their eyes fall to Eastern destinations.


Elysia is the little island kingdom in the mid-atlantic, where all of our stories will be told. Having fought the Novari for its independence only some 200 years ago, it is one of the youngest nations on earth, but nonetheless with a vibrant economy and much to lose in the wars that plague its past.
Major cities/fiefs: Elysian City, Aesir, Vanir, Auffester, Vedas, Olympia, Hardenport,
Lodis Island, Yanaka Tribelands, Arrym New State.

Other realms

Fae - The mystical homeland of the faeriefurres, whose exact location is difficult to know.
Mala Ruz - Island archipelago of Elysia, and close trading partner.
Novare - The Scandinavian War Machine, Elysia's oldest enemy and a nightmare for those of the European sphere. The Novari have burned every bridge and broken every alliance, but there are signs that even they are wearied of the endless struggle for domination.

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