Getting Started

Elysian City is a roleplay continuity set in a late 16th century alternate Earth, where furres, magicke and the supernatural have had a profound effect on the flow of history. In addition to being a rich and extensive RP continuity, we are also a group of friends, and welcome good company and a good sense of humour.

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A quick browse of our forums will familiarize you with the players of Elysian City, and this Wiki will help you learn about the fictional universe and setting of our Roleplay.

When you've had a look around, and like what you see, it's time to go to the forum and start talking over your character concept with our members, who can make suggestions and help out.

Here's a brief list of considerations when making a new character:

Choosing your geography.

Elysia (map) is a large island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Its geography (and size) is similar to New Zealand, but with a warmer climate. The current time is the late 16th century, so many medieval attitudes prevail and the Elysian people are extremely zealous in their patriotism for their young nation. (Instant History Degree)

Of paramount interest is Elysian City, where your character will be living, or at least visiting. Remember that Elysia is a long way from Europe, so if your character is not native Elysian, there should be a reason you've come all this way.

The Race Card

Most people in Elysia are the descendants of European, African or Asian settlers. These will be referred to as "Colonials".

In addition, however, are the Yanaka, a large varied group of indigenous people who were here before the settlers arrived. Many have assimilated into Colonial society, though not without some loss of cultural identity that many Yanaka leaders should be reintroduced, by culture and by law.

There also exist a high concentration of unusual expatriates from the Magickal races, including secretive clans of were-furres, a growing population of strange Faeries from all over the world, and even the much-maligned (and often badly played) Nosferatu.

Since the recent war, many foreigners have flooded into the country to reap benefits of the strange new political situation. Key among these at the Novari (to be expounded on down the page), the Arrym Horde reptiles, the bats of Mala Ruz, and the many peoples of Stara Ziema, the dark continent.

Faction Affiliations

Affiliations are referred to OOC as the many alignments a character can take. Good or Evil is so very very subjective, you see, and with so many foreigners in the country a character may find a thousand ways to find their path; uphold virtue, surrender to vice, or just grease their paw with a few extra coppers. Each faction is a varying degree of greedy, manipulative, or kind and upstanding. If you choose a faction, make sure it suits your character and your own personal taste. There will be many opportunities to provide feedback to our staff.

An example of a "Faction" affiliation would be "Elysian Army", or "Magister's Guild", or "House Tyrole".


Everybody needs a profession. You may earn by toiling hard for a day's pay (there are no workers unions, cooperatives, or Bruce Springsteen in the 16th century), bashing in heads in the name of chivalry as a soldier, or just sitting on your furry arse as one of Elysia's proud and bureaucratic Nobles.

Of course, the economy always misses a few beats, so you could also consider a life of crime for your character. Or perhaps a career flinging spells with a mage guild like the Magister's Guild or Runebridge Guild.

To learn more about professions and possibilities, contact our staff, or Eli Sykes.

Your Rookie Card

When you've hashed out your character on the forum, it's time to do up your own personal character sheet. One of us will email the coded, blank sheet to you to fill out, and mail back. Our staff will have a look at it, and post it to the wiki. You can then link other players to your own personal wiki page, and spread the word that your character is in town, and ready for RP.

For good examples, observe our massive, well-considered and hand-crafted Dramatis Personae

And for a bad example, here's a lemon.

For more information, please refer to the forum

Best of luck, and may the light of DLR be with you in your journey.

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