Glassy Glade

Governor: County Magistrates

Population: Untallied

Protection: Small detachments of Royal Yanak Corps

Location: Far-western elysia

History: Glassy Glade is a large wetlands area in the extreme West of Elysia. Geologic record indicates that this area has sunk considerably, and that the swamp area has grown significantly over the years. At the center of the giant marsh is a ruined tower of Ancient origin.

A group of Yanaka Lufin have settled in small hamlets scattered about the Glade. They are some of the more traditionalist of Yanaka, and consider the wetlands sacred and life-giving, despite Elysian attitudes toward the wastefulness of wetlands in general.

The ruins there are of particular interest to Elysian scholars, and we can assume they are of interest to those of other nations, as well. Glassy Glade gets its name from a strange phenomenon. Large, bioluminescent insects populate the area, and often hover over the unusually pure water. Astonishingly, no one has ever managed to capture one of these insects.

Landmarks: Numerous archaeological sites. Included is Lucia's Tower, a ruined spire in the centre of the marsh. Its name was taken from the daughter of the first Elysian explorer to visit there.

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