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  • Aegis - See King's Aegis.
  • Aesir - Elysia's magnificent capital city. Home of the Royal Family, the houses of the senate and much of the Eastern Star 's clergy.
  • Afrika - Africa, with a K!
  • Airship - Slow but high-flying products of alchemy and steam technology. The first was invented in the 15th century. Generally used for reconnaissance and trade, being a bit ill-suited for heavy combat.
  • The Ancients - The mysterious for-bearers of all sentient life in the world. The ruins of their advanced civilization scatter the world and inform modern technology in astounding ways.
  • Anurius' Pudding - A living slime creature made of pudding, a phenomenon that happens whenever Anurias Firefoxxe attempts to make almost anything in a kitchen. (Running gag/humorous reference)
  • Archmage - The leader of a mage guild.
  • Arrym - A nomadic nation of reptiles and dragons, named for their lost city in ancient Iraq. They previously made their home in an enormous encampment/tent-city near the ancient site, but went nomadic nearly a decade ago. They recently invaded Elysia, and most of their population now resides here, trying to find their place in the new government.
  • Auffester - A grand magical city on the northeastern coast of Elysia. It boasts dozens of magical schools and the birthplace of the Runebridge Guild, all shaded under a gigantic city-sized magical tree.
  • Aupaki - A wise, mountain-dwelling society of ascetic Yanaka natives.
  • Aura - 1. A visible magicke "field" that some mages can detect in the air around other magicke-users. 2. (AURA) Acronym for A United Rodent Anarchy, a terrorist organization of rodent species devoted to eating cheese and hugging people.
  • Austerath - The Southern Elysian Province, presided over by the Duke of Austerath.
  • Avian - A term for all bird-people. Most are flightless.
  • Ayutthaya - City-state government centered in southeast Asia.


  • Bag of Tricks - Airika Nerys' bottomless magickal bag of erotic implements. Its only weakness is the "being found by squeamish roommate" magickal condition.
  • Bathhouse - A public bathing location made popular by the Greeks and Japanese. A natural hotspring cavern beneath Elysian City's town square is used as one. Though surveyors have found signs of ancient and eerie sentient life there.
  • Behemoth -
  • Berille Spanish adjunct near the border with France. The result of a sudden and violent coup.
  • Bestiary - Elysia's authoritative codex of beasties, fuzzies, creepies, crawlies and other things that go any number of things in the night.
  • Bison Barn - An impetuous tavern in the town of Cherry. Famous for its massive brawls even before the Occupation.
  • Black Powder - The common term for gunpowder.
  • Black Ship - Giant, morbidly painted destroyers used by the Xantha Navy.
  • Bloodworm - A freebooter corsair ship of which Vaughan spent most of his privateer career aboard.
  • Blue Gorgon - A large and successful pirate clan who are currently based out of Elysia. Under the command of it's founder's daughter, Desiree Lacroix.
  • The Blush - Another term for the Jiangshi virus, used when describing the virus as well as the ritual of infection and transformation to Returner.
  • Brauma - Nomadic Yanaka of Aesirian mountains in northeast Elysia.
  • Brood - 1. A collective term for offspring. 2. A term for a group of Returners. Often very secretive, and often part of a larger organization of "sect" of Returners. Can be anywhere from a handful to tens of returners.
  • Buccaneer - Privateers who generally worked under the English but is often used as a flat term for all pirates. (Yes, we are aware this term wasn't used until the 1700s, but is all cools, yo)
  • The Buccaneer's Strumpet - A merchant vessel owned by the Kiera family that makes regular trade runs to Elysia. Captained by Takem "Screaming Blade" Talonworth.
  • Bunnicula's Ball - An annual fetishistic celebration by Elysian City's bold and beautiful. Held in place of real-world Easter (rather blasphemously).
  • Bushido - A Japanese lifestyle encompassing both martial arts and personal conduct. In EC's continuity, this includes some knowledge of Ki.


  • Capo - An Italian word for "head", used as a term for a cartel boss.
  • Carriers - People infected with the Jiangshi Returner virus who, through genetic makeup, are asymptomatic. They are fully capable of passing the disease on to others, but yet are not Returners themselves.
  • Cartel - An alliance of commercial interests. This term is often used to describe criminal elements in Elysia. More than just mob families, these are extremely dynamic illegitimate business concerns that collude to keep peace among themselves, and advance their collective interests.
  • Chen's Organ - A strange growth that results from Jiangshi infection, mutating the heart, and producing a strange chemical that reanimates necrotized flesh. It is thought this is the source of all of a Returner's gifts.
  • Cherry - A village north of Elysian City. The site of many decisive battles. Previously populated by hippies, now with thousands of Arrym Horde soldiers squatting.
  • Cloud IX - An airship, captained by Cassandra Blue.
  • Clutch - 1. Collective noun that avians call their offspring. " My wife and clutch are driving me crazy." 2. A term for a group of Returners. Often very secretive, and often part of a larger organization of "sect" of Returners. Can be anywhere from a handful to tens of returners.
  • Coffee - A plant whose beans contain high amounts of caffeine. Remarkable for being successfully cultivated in the south of Elysia on small plantations.
  • Constitution - The founding document of Elysia, signed by the early Revolutionary leaders and the source from which Elysia's law derives.
  • Corsair - Privateers who raid various ships on behalf of the French crown.
  • Court Warlocks - Novari mages, usually trained in magickes forbidden to anyone else. They are skilled with enchantment, necromancy, and mind control, and are said to know dire secrets. They helped to create the Daruni race.
  • Coven - A term for a group of Returners. Often very secretive, and often part of a larger organization of "sect" of Returners. Can be anywhere from a handful to tens of returners.
  • Cragsfell - The Northern Elysian Province and Duchy, and the more powerful of the two according to the Elysian Constitution.
  • Crescent Ruins -
  • Cruorem Vas - A secret society of Templars, meeting in secret. They are often influential types who perform occult-like rituals, though profess to be a "religious and charitable" organization. Some in the greater population are suspicious of their motives, particularly since so many government officials, senators and people of influence are members. It is rumoured by some that their true goal is a bizarre prophecy. (Formerly OOCly known as Crimson Brotherhood)


  • D/s - Dominance/Submission is a power exchange, ritual, and lifestyle involving two or more people who engage in a relationship of relinquishing authority and power to one of the individuals in many aspect of their daily and private lives.
  • Daimyo - The term for a feudal lord on the island Japan.
  • Daoinde Sidhe - The nomadic wanderers of Fae.
  • Damperism - An EXCEEDINGLY rare condition experienced only by the successful offspring of two Jiangshi carriers. Offspring of two such parents has a slim chance of receiving all of the Returner gifts, without sun allergy or need to consume blood.
  • The Dark Forest - Term for the central old-growth section of Elysia's Great Forest. It is a top-tier ecosystem with a thick canopy of towering fir trees. Many traditionalist Yanaka live there, however much of the Great Forest was destroyed, when it was set ablaze by the Arrym to smoke out encamped Elysian soldiers.
  • Darklands - Outdated term for Stara Ziema.
  • Daruni - Race of unicorns created by alchemy and selective breeding. Originally slaves of their Novari creators, now most of the world's population of Daruni reside in Elysia.
  • Death Squad - Xantha war parties tasked with intimidating and state terrorism to root out The Resistance during the Occupation.
  • Demshia - One of the only Yanaka tribes to leave Elysia, and the only one to do so and return. Thought to be Naguals of a sort, and users of a bizarre magicke talent forbidden by scholars in the larger Yanaka population. The only large group of Yanaka that reside in Elysian city, and one of the few that reside in a city at all.
  • Dojo - Generic term for schools of martial arts, taken from the Japanese language. One is found in Elysian City under private ownership, but is leased to the Peace Keepers at a discount.
  • Dragon - Particular variety of scaled people. Often winged, often Psi-adept. Otherwise mortal in EC continuity.
  • Dragon Maw's Bay - Large bay in southwest Elysia. Lodis Island sits in its middle.
  • Draxxy's Lemonade - A paper cone filled entirely with sugar. Conveniently, the lemonade stand is also a streetside dentist, for when your teeth rot out in short order. (Running gag/humorous reference)
  • Druid - Practitioners of wild magicke. Typically found only in more agrarian or developing societies. Mostly consists of healing and earth spells, though with many variations.
  • Dublin Forest - Forest on the Southern peninsular tip of Elysia Island. Very few surrounding settlements and villages. Often thought haunted.
  • Dublin Ruins - Stone remains of a Yanaka settlement long since abandoned. Scholars are uncertain if the structures are from the prehistoric Ancients civilization or of Yanaka construction.
  • Dunmoore - A kingdom in Southern France that was once ruled by benevolent kitsunes until Sebastian DuVont crumbled the old regime for his own. In 1580, his rule was ended and the kingdom was returned to the people.


  • Eastern Star - State religion of Elysia, sharing a similar background in the Old Temple faith including one of its holy books. Adherents are called "Templars".
  • EFVF - See Elysian Front for Vengeance and Freedom
  • Elysia - An island nation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A varied terrain and temperate climate, Elysia is rich in resources, ore, and in strange ancient ruins of interest to international scholars and conquerors alike.
  • Elysian City - Port city of some thousands, in the south of Elysia. Capital of the southern province, and fastest-growing boomtown in the country.
  • Elysian Front for Vengeance and Freedom - One of the larger and crueler Resistance cells who fought and continue to fight the Novari and Arrym presence in Elysia.
  • Elysian Informer - A newspaper press developed in Aesir for a means to keep nobles informed of events without ever leaving home. It expanded to the common folk and has since also spread to many other cities, including Auffester, Vanir, and of course Elysian City.
  • Emerald Ale - A specialty beverage of the Shattered Emerald, the best of its custom ale mixed with a green food coloring to match its green motif.
  • Enclave - The secret group of immortal mages who control the Novari Imperium in secret. They are unknown except to a very, very select few in the Novari hierarchy.


  • Fae - Both a term for the strange races of Fae, and their mysterious homeland.
  • Fae Courts - The Courts of Seelie and Unseelie. See the Fae page for more.
  • Fae Food - Food prepared or created by Fae, usually with punnish names attached to them or their effects on mortals. Don't eat it, whatever you do.
  • Feline - A common term used for cats.
  • Forsluken Gradig - A cult group within the Novari who are known for their ulterior and ultra violent motives. Often easily spotted by their heavy black clothes adorned with large black feathers and skulled masks.
  • Fu - The malevolent wolf species of Nianju.
  • Furre - A general term for mammalian, marsupial and other hair-covered peoples of the world. It does not quite stand in for "people" the way that term is used in RL, since it lacks "Avians" and "Scales" from the definition. Sometimes used that generally, though.
  • Fyremare - A rare and powerful breed of Daruni that is often several feet taller and has innate pyrokinetic abilities. To such extremes that their hair and tails are often made of a harmless burning flame. Possessed of strong magickal wards and spell immunity.


  • Gerbilized - The humorous term used for when Eli Sykes is fluffed so much he looked twice his former size. (Running gag/humorous reference)
  • Glamour - Vague term for illusory magicke practiced by Fae, more commonly used in folklore.
  • Glassy Glade - A settlement in the marshland area of Western Elysia.
  • Glimmer - The odd speech of the Fae. Not spoken by mortal furres.
  • Glossary - This. Whoah. Trippy.
  • Golem - Term for animated, created creatures, often of a most fearsome sort. Typically, these are machines or furre-shaped statues that are imbued with magicke, and with disembodied and restless spirits. This is often done by use of forbidden magicke. Practiced heavily by the Zabelians.
  • Gossamer Pride - House Kensen's famous merchantile flagship, easily identifiable by its brilliant golden sails. Often seen docked in Elysian City.
  • The Great Forest - Large forested area in the center of Elysia Island, and covering nearly 20% of the nation. Much of the forest was lost in a fire set by an Arrym trap during the war. Along with a large chunk of the trees, hundreds of Elysian soldiers lost their lives in the blaze.
  • Great Seal - A term describing the three highest legislative authorities in the land. Includes the Queen, the Senate House and the Assembly House of Nobles. Set forth in the Elysian Constitution.
  • Gryffen - Avian-like species that share some feline physical attributes. Usually flightless and mortal.


  • Hades Fortress - The early European name for a massive fortress on the southern Rephan coast, named by the Greek crew that discovered the demonic looking monstrosity in the mid 1400s who had thought they had truly discovered a gate to the underworld.
  • Hardenport - Elysia's 5th largest settlement located at the northern tip of Lake William.
  • Hardeport Marathon - An event in Hardenport in 1573 when the necromancer Raquin inadvertently caused the city to fall under a mysterious plague where nearly 300 citizens of the city lost their lives, altered into ghastly forms before their eventual death.
  • House - Not to be confused with the more common knowledge definition, a House is a group of nobles under a family name. These nobles are those with financial prowess, political power, and land owners. Nobles may sit in the Royal Assembly if appointed by their peers, and participate in the making of Elysia's laws.
  • Howling Temple - An Ancients' temple a few miles out of Elysian City, recently un-sealed by the Demshia tribe. It was a housing place for Wraths, the derelict spirits used both by Demshian sorcery and in the creation of Golems in many places of the world.


  • Iguana on a Stick - Grilled iguana that's "sold" from a little stand out front of Page Tigris' isolated cottage somewhere in the Great Forest. (Running gag/humorous reference, Fallout reference)
  • Inari-Otokonoko - A rare and legendary kitsune warrior, wielding powerful ice magicke. Some say this is an entire kitsune sub-race, and not just the single warrior of legend.


  • Jiangshi - The strange virus, originating in China, that causes the transformation of furres into Returners.


  • King's Aegis - Royal order of knights under service directly to the Elysian monarchy.
  • Kirin - Dragon fae. See Fae page for details.
  • Kitsune - A variant of the Fae, the are a half mortal-half spiritual fox race that originated out of Japan, but have found family clusters all around the world.
  • Knight - Sworn warrior in the service of either the King's Aegis or of a Noble House. Traditionally associated with mounted warriors, but less so in the recent centuries, with even Mages being knighted. Knights, regardless of gender, are preceded by the suffix "Ser" when addressed.


  • Lake William - Largest insular body of water in Elysia. Mixture of fresh and salt. Named for the second King, William the Noble.
  • Lapine - Or Lapin. A common term used for rabbits.
  • Leviathan -
  • Lodis Island - Island satellite of Elysia, located in Dragon's Maw bay. Large settlement of Japanese-Elysians there, ruled over by the Sakamoto family; traditionally samurai retainers granted nobility by the Queen of Elysia. Technically part of the Southern Duchy of Austerath.
  • Lost Wraith - A term used by the Demshia clan to described disembodied spirits. In this case, a Wraith who has lost connection with a living Demshia. When unconfined by magicke, wraiths are dangerous creatures that feed on any and all emotions, often violently.
  • Lotus Village - Lodis Island maybe?
  • Lufin - Yanaka tribe infamous for their exploitation of the tourist trade. Often exaggerate the strangeness of their culture to drive up tour prices.
  • Lupine - Or lupin. A common term used for wolves.


  • Machina - Steam-powered and clockwork technology that exists in Elysia's continuity. Machina often specifically refers to the "living" machines like golems and creatures like Dillon.
  • Magicke - The strange and sought after power to distort reality to the user's whim. Magicke can only be learned by people born with the natural gift.
  • Magic Picnic Basket - Aedina Kensen's magickal basket of food, wine, tea, and conceivably any other amenity one would need.
  • Magister's Guild - Organization of professional mages. Possessing a government-enforced monopoly on the hiring of all magicke
  • Mala Ruz - Island archipelago south of Elysia. Inhabited by a developing society of bat-furres.
  • Marlek's Tower - Marlek's secluded tower deep within a harsh mountain range of Stara Ziema
  • Mighty Mouse - We're not worrying at all. We're just listening for his call.
  • Mikrau's Opus - A massive alchemical-clockwork spider, created with Zabelian technology by the mad inventor Mikrau Fashaa.
  • Misty Hood - Settlement where a large portion of the Tuatha de Danann make their home. At the very extreme Northwest of Elysia, and part of the Barony of Auffester.
  • MSOC - Multicultural Supernova of Craziness. (Running gag/humorous reference)


  • Nagual - Furres cursed with therianthropy. Sometimes known as "Weres".
  • Narm - For it is narm.
  • Necromancer - Mage schooled in the magicke of death. Illegal in Elysia and a great many other nations.
  • Nianju - Originating from China and Stara Ziema, an anti-social and magical race who feed on emotional energies.
  • Novari - Vast Scandinavian empire, originating in Svalbard of all places, and allowed massive growth due to manipulation of dark magicke, slavery, and selective breeding. The Novari have been key players in European and World history, frequently re-shaping history to the way it is seen in EC's continuity. The Novari were key in the colonization of Elysia Island, were ousted by the Revolution, and have tried several times to re-take the island by invasion. They now have a large population in Elysia, and Novari representatives now comprise a piece of the Coalition Government.
  • Nxla - A Xantha-made symbiotic quasi-magickal entity, used both as a tool of cultural learning and espionage/mind control. They are typically infused to the spine of a host by Xantha mages, and are thought to allow a remote observer to eavesdrop on the host's life. It is unknown whether Nxlas can actually control their hosts, however.


  • Old Temple - The all encompassing name of the religions of light throughout Europe, Asia, Afrika, and beyond.
  • Olympia - The gateway city into the mountain road that leads to the capitol. Famous as a resort town with sporting arenas of all sorts, all manner of pampering retreats, and a year round carnival and zoo. Experiencing a spike in crime, including the presence of the Furia Crimisi Cartel.
  • Ondoru-Jin - Band of gypsy-like people, similar to Travellers or nomadic Bedouin peoples. They were originally comprised of casteless Yanaka] musicians, artists and heretical mystics, but many others are descended from tag-a-longs from many different cultures.
  • Order of the White Rose - A secret chivalric order administered by Dame Aedina Kensen. Unknown to most.


  • Paladin - Holy knight in the service of the Eastern Star religion, and usually possessed of both fighting prowess and "holy" magicke. All but extinct, with most magicke-adept children being drafted into mage guilds.
  • Peace Keeper - A fraternal order that forms the constabularies, police, and enforcers of law in the many cities and towns of Elysia Island. Originally founded as a religious order, they are the standard law enforcement body in all of the country, and take command positions in times of war as required by the constitution.
  • Peace Keeper Armor - Heavy black full mail armor originally designed specifically for the tough broad Daruni bodies but have evolved over the years to be custom fitted for any species of any size. Many variants are allowed, but the braces, chest piece, and shoulder paldrons generally remain identical throughout all of Elysia.
  • Penguin King - We do not discuss the Penguin King.
  • Phoenix - Supernatural avians, heavily possessed of fire magicke talent. Phoenixes have special mythological significance in many of the world's religions, and among the Fae themselves. Featured in heraldry of the royal family, House Aucoin. See Fae.
  • Pledge of Peace - Oath taken by new Peace Keepers, vowing to uphold the laws of the Constitution and regard the business of the Nobility with neutrality.
  • Pride Cartel - Elysian City's de facto First Family of Crime. The deciding vote in all Cartel matters. Presided over by Xander Pride, the Nawab, and ruthless in keeping the peace among thieves.
  • Privateer - Another and very common term for pirate.
  • Psi - Strange telepathic/telekinetic power. Extremely rare. Few individuals will be born psi-adept. All Returners gain Psi potential, but like anyone else must be trained by someone skilled in the use.
  • Psion - Term for a user of Psi, analogous to "Mage" in relation to "Magicke".



  • Ratling - A goblin-like species/clan of mice and rats from Stara Ziema. Often stereotyped as thieves, liars, and brigands.
  • Rauk - A giant feral hawk or falcon species, domesticated as aerial mounts for transport and warfare.
  • The Resistance - Violent insurgency that opposed the Novari Occupation. Comprised of several different groups, some peaceful, some terroristic. Most notably the Elysian Front for Vengeance and Freedom. Many were indiscriminately slaughtered during the Occupation, regardless of creed. Most others, including the Resistance leaders are either at large or hiding their role in the insurrection, which took numerous Novari lives in reprisal.
  • Responsible Sorcery Act of 1580 - A law enacted by the [[Novari]] during the [[Occupation]] that controls the use of magicks outside of guild or government license. Despite the reorganization of government, the law still hasn't been challenged or revoked.
  • Returner - EC's answer to vampires. The result of a very unusual disease which causes aggressive mutation.
  • Ronin - A masterless samurai. Often wandering lands to find a new master, to hone their abilities, or to make a living as a mercenary.
  • Ronosi Ball - A masquerade ball in honour of Lord Ronosi, the former Duke of South Elysia (who was in fact Lithius Kensen in disguise). Many think this celebration exists only to piss off the Nobles, who are still embarassed about the event. Typically held at Halloween.
  • Rosalina's Dawn - Merchantile ship under the helm of Captain Lucius Kida, renamed from The Freedom after his niece's, Rosalina Luna-Kiera, death in 1571.
  • Rui - The benevolent lion species of Nianju.
  • Runebridge Guild - A new and fast-growing Mage Guild in direct competition with the powerful Magisters' Guild.


  • SAFF - Snug-a-Fox-Foundation. Donations are always accepted. (Running gag/humorous reference)
  • Samurai - Practitioner of Bushido. Often found in either Japan or on Lodis Island in Elysia.
  • Sardrassil - A tree within the lands of Fae which legend speaks its massive size could contain entire cities within its roots alone.
  • Sarsania Academy - A mage school located in the Kingdom of Castille that specializes in healing magic.
  • Schellheim's - A clothing store in [[[Elysian City]] ran by [[Riesz Schellheim | Riesz]]].
  • Sea Dragon - A pirate vessel that belonged to Kazuma Taishiro before it was destroyed by the Novari along with its captain in 1582.
  • Seaside Tavern - Lower-end working-class pub across the bay from Elysia's seaside district. Owned and ran by Khris Nova.
  • Senate - The Commoner's House of the Elysian Parliament. Along with the Queen and the Royal Assembly, they form the Great Seal, and share the power to rule all Elysia as set down in the Elysian Constitution. Since the Treaty, there are not only representatives from pre-war Elysian, but Novari, Arrym, and Rephan Senators as well.
  • Sentinel - A large clan of wyverns under the command of Lord Draconis. They assisted in the defense of Elysian City during the war.
  • Ser - Suffix used to address a Knight. Knights can be male or female and so this title is unisex.
  • Shadowling - Slender wisps of vaguely humanoid shadows who are controlled like soulless puppets by powerful mages. Currently, only necromancers of Novare and Stara Ziema seem to have the training and ability to use them.
  • Shadowmane - A special breed of Daruni that is often much smaller and has innate powerful dark elemental abilities. They boast a very dark aura and can blend in with shadows like a mist. They are the most rare of all Daruni due to their more delicate frames and short lifespans.
  • Shaman - Practitioner of Wild Magickes, of a particular type coming from the Yurq'ua'an Island Archipelago.
  • Shattered Emerald - Elysian's City's most popular watering hole, predominantly owned and operated by the Nerys clan for nearly a century. Try the famous emerald ale. First one with green piss wins!
  • Shenzhou - The commonly used name of the Chinese dynasty, and China under it.
  • Siege Golem - Novari Golems. These are designed typically with powerful projectile weapons, and are generally designed with offense in mind. These are in contrast to those built in Zabel.
  • Siegemaster - A caste position in the Horde of Arrym for the thundering brute drakes who specialize in deforestation, castle sieges, and city razing. The living tanks of the Arrym.
  • Sky Captain - The common term for airship captains.
  • Slave Soldier - Military forces comprised of slaves from conquered lands or captured people. Used commonly by most large empires such as the Ottomans, the Novari, the Arrym and the Rephan.
  • Snacking Cheese - Bits of various cheeses cut into bite-sized chunks for easy eating. A popular snack among the rodent community.
  • Somerwood Sickness - An unusual news story in the resort forest getaway of Somerwood, which was a battleground during the war.
  • Stara Ziema - Name for the Western Hemisphere's two connected continents of North and South America. In EC's continuity, far more history has happened far different for these places than in RL. Click for moaaarr!
  • Steel Halberd - The powerful but battered flagship of the Elysian Navy command by Admiral Takagawa.


  • Talisman - Magickal or enchanted object. Specifically, something that serves no other purpose than its magickal one.
  • Tanuki - Raccoon-dog Fae predominantly from Asia.
  • Templar - Name for an adherent of the Eastern Star religion (the way "christian" is an adherent of "christianity"). A large majority of Elysians are either practicing or lapsed Templars.
  • Thunderhoof - A special breed of Daruni that is often several feet taller and has innate powerful electrokinetic Psionic abilities. To such extremes that their hooves and horns are often energized with blue arcs of electricity.
  • Tian - A sizable township on the crossroads between Hardenport, Olympia, and Elysian City. Largely prospers due to trade between the port towns and the traffic on its way to the capitol of Aesir as well as its hunting (due to proximity to the Great Forest) and flourishing croplands.
  • Tower of Hatred -
  • Tuatha de Danann - A loose melting-pot "clan" of Fae who live on the island of Elysia.
  • Ty'poh Demon - A terrible fiend who may strke ta any moemnt, (Running gag/humorous reference)


  • Unicorn - Equine Fae possessing a trademark single alicorn on their heads. Notorious drunks and leches. Likely from all the pressure of being called virtuous and innocent all the !@$# time.


  • Valice Forest - Forest on the northwest edge of [[Elysian City]]] that meets with the southeast side of Cherry. A few villages and the Demshia inhabit the land, though it is nonetheless claimed by the Earling of Vale.
  • Valkyrie - Mystical female knights created by Shiva. These are not to be confused with the Novari airships nor the valkyries of Norse legend the both take their names from.
  • Valkyrie of Novare - Large, bulky Novari airships. Used as both destroyers and carriers for Siege Golems. Known for their highly effective service record with offensive tactics.
  • Vampire - See Returner
  • Vanir - 2nd largest Elysian City. A somewhat crime-addled metropolis in decline famous for its Peace Keeper academies and factories that produce the majority of the islands weapons, armor, boats, and airships.
  • Vedas - Easternmost Elysian City. Currently under complete rule of the Novari
  • Vex - A highly respected magical lapine tribe from Stara Ziema who are capable of drawing runes out of thin air. Typically considered the priest caste of the [[Rephan | Rephan Empire]]].
  • The Void - Where one is thrown when the unexpected server resets, computer crashes, or whatever else might remove a player from being active. (Running gag/humorous reference)
  • Vulpine - A common term for foxes.


  • Warbull - A giant monstrous creature used by the Arrym as steeds and mules for their equipment. Much like a cross between a bison and a triceratops.
  • Western Ruins - Ancients' ruins near the Westfall coastline of Elysia's coast. Ceded to Yanaka Tribal control during the reign of William the First. Surrounding the ruins, a vast Yanaka settlement is presided over by a multi-tribe council, and headed by Kirun High Chief Dagdah. These ruins were prized by the Novari expeditionary force some 200 years ago, and continue to be of interest to modern scholars as a key site of the Ancients' remains.
  • White Rose - Symbol of House Kensen, and of the Order of the White Rose.
  • Wraith - Derelict spirits of long-dead beings. Often used in the creation of golems. The Demshia tribe are notable users of wraiths, to sometimes controversial effect.
  • Wyvern - Particular type of feral dragon, who cultivate their ability to glide on their large wings, and are sleighter than many other dragonkin.


  • Xantha - Panther tribe, currently at the top of the food chain in Rephan hierarchy. Ruled over by their patriarch, Moloch, who by extension is the de-facto emperor of all the Dark Lands.
  • Xauxia
  • Xavier I - Violent revolutionary leader, first King of Elysia, and generally the George Washington of EC.
  • Xibalba‘s Gate - An ancient temple in the Yucatan Peninsula between Stara Ziema and the lands of Zabel. More than just legend, it is a dead zone where only flora survives. That gate itself can be seen from the air but no living witness has ever seen it by foot, and even many airships and living mounts have met disastrous events for coming into remote proximity. Most of the Zabel population claim an ancient spirit named Xibalba lives within on the other side of the gate and devours the spirits of those foolish enough to come near. The Rephan Empire meanwhile has been trying to find a way to harness whatever energies exist in the area… with no positive results.


  • Yanaka - Indigenous people of Elysia Island prior to colonization. Proud, noble, and determined, but facing some Social Issues of their own.
  • Royal Yanak Corps - A self-governing military body, yet part of the Queen's forces. Consisting of Yanaka indigenous peoples, both to fight external threats to Elysia and to protect their own autonomy and right to bear arms.
  • Yankori - Yanaka group of terroristic revolutionaries. Not so much a tribe, but a collection of violent and disillusioned Yanaka, lead by Luka.
  • Yor - Extinct Yanaka tribe, annihilated by an alliance of other tribes long ago for their vast crimes. Rumoured to have practiced the worship of dark and terrible forces, and were considered dangerous, cannibalistic, conquering heretics.
  • Yurq'ua'an Archipelago Though not actually an archipelago, a term describing all the Caribbean islands inhabited by the Yurq'ua'an lizard clans, off the coast of Stara-Ziema.
  • Yurq'ua'an - Lizard people of the Caribbean islands (Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominica, etc)


  • Zabel - Powerful but insular South American empire, consisting of many races of South American animals. Devoted to their unusual religion, but possessing the most functional technology and magicke of The Ancients. Known for their successful use of Golems and machina.
  • Zemferism - A quote or snippit of "wisdom" (cough) from Zemfer Zoma.

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