Gudrin Osterlund


The importance placed on strict genetic purity among Elysian nobles pales in comparison to that of their Novari counterparts. One who can attest to this is Gudrin Osterlund, who spent his childhood being reminded of the superiority of his blood to all other furrekind, and the truth that it is only proper for the strong to harshly rule the weak. However, young Gudrin developed an interest in democracy, early, and it would later inform his choice to denounce his birthright claim and seek public office.

One of the first and most affluent nobles to emerge from Novare following the war, Osterlund painted a very different picture of the invaders from day one. Word spread quickly of a Novari Lord who strongly believed in peace and reconciliation, and whose charity and charisma sharply contrasted the traditional image of the greedy and exploitative Novari landbaron.

In a remarkable feat of public opinion, Osterlund has gone from distrusted foreign invader to one of Elysia's most eligible bachelors, having fostered the peace process on behalf of both the Novari and his adopted homeland. A natural politician, he is often seen around Elysian City, shaking paws, kissing furlings, and discussing the issues of the day with nobles and commonfolk alike.

Approval Rating

The results are in. After Shia Duvont dropped out of the race in the last week of the campaign, Osterlund has won an overwhelming majority of Elysian City voters. This puts him well-ahead of his only major opponent, City Foreman Cranston Vincent. This landslide victory has prompted some to gossip that a secret alliance was formed between Duvont and her one-time harsh political rival, the conditions of which can only be speculated upon. Shia Duvont's abdication provided a clear path to the win for Osterlund, the well-known and well-liked Novari noble.

Since the election of 1583, Osterlund has enjoyed growing public support. It would seem that as more time passes since the war, more and more Elysian Citians seem willing to accept that a Novari can do a good job for their city. Though he has in truth made little headway against the aggressive Cartel interests, Osterlund has improved the lot of poorer districts, such as The Hollow, and has overseen the restoration of the city's strong economy.

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Full Name: Gudrin Osterlund
Gender: Male
Race: Arctic Fox
Occupation: Mayor of Elysian City
Homeland: Novare
Birthdate: September 11
Age: 33
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Bright Blonde
Fur: White
Eyes: Blue
Markings: Slight silver coloration, in keeping with Novari noble breeding

Magicks: None

Skills: Extreme cunning, charisma. Natural orator. Studied in politics, government, and military in the finest schools of Elysia. Good fencer.

Weaknesses: Political combatant, only.

Personal Equipment: Bright clothing in the most modern Elysian style. Carries a decorative sword.

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