Population: 60,000

Location: Northern Elysia


Governor: Lady Traysia Eretor, Earless of Hardenport

Protection: House Eretor militia, two very large Peace Keeper precincts ran by Thunderhoof brothers.


Largest statue of King William the Noble in all Elysia. Some former mage academies there still stand, but were torn down following the "Marathon" tragedy.


Originally built as a settlement to mine a large silver and gold deposit, it continued to grow as it began to mine other useful materials such as coal and iron for both military and commerce purposes. Hardenport citizens, sometimes called "Lakers" colloquially, were originalled ruled by the horses of House Camarillo. During the brief Elysian Civil War, however, the House was stripped of their title to eventually gain jurisdiction of the southern Earling of the Stem.

In time, King Devonus forgave the descendants of Camarillo pardon for their crimes, but never again did he trust them in Hardenport's protection. The Earling was instead granted to House Eretor, beloved of King William, to vouchsafe its citizens.

Hardenport City faced tragedy when Raquin, a necromancer, unleashed an untested spell and transformed innocent bystanders into monstrous ghouls. Over a hundred furres lost their lives, along with Raquin whose body was never found. This event is sometimes cruelly referred to as the Hardenport Marathon.

Hardenport City nonetheless prospers under the benevolent eye of House Eretor, caring but laissez-faire rulers. Among the Vale's forces to protect the city from further tragedies is an entire squad of the rare and powerful Shadowmane Daruni.

During the early part of the post-Treaty period, Lord Troilus Eretor of the city's ruling Noble house reigned as High Steward of Elysia in Gia's absence.

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