Historical Series

The following pages are part of a Historical Series, helpful in learning the background of Elysian City's rich continuity.

Elysia's Past

A Brief History of Elysia - Comprehensive, easy-to-use one-shot history of the Kingdom
D/s - The practice of BDSM as it manifests in Elysia
Eastern Star - Official state religion
Effect of the Supernatural on History - Article discussing the parallel earth of EC and how it is changed
Elysia - A map and legend detailing the island Kingdom
Elysian Constitution - The documents upon which the Kingdom is founded
King's Aegis - Royal Order of Knights
Knight - Anointed warrior
Magister's Guild - Prominent guild of mages and sorcerers of Elysia, and formerly the only one
Malthus & Fullo - Banking conglomerate
Masoner's Guild - Builder's trade union, utilizing strange rituals for membership
Navy - Elysia's once-powerful sea force, now being rebuilt following the war
Old Temple Religion - The religion of most of the rest of the world
Peace Keeper - Holy warrior and police of Elysia
Pledge of Peace - Pledge taken by Peace Keepers (and some public servants)
Queen's Consort - Official position, a pet to the Monarch, but also a spiritual figurehead for all pets Kingdomwide
Throne - The line of Elysian Monarchs from Xavier to Queen Gia
Timeline - Best resource for understanding the history of EC's earth
King Xavier I - First King of Elysia and founder of the Kingdom
Yanaka - Indigenous folk of Elysia

Recent Events

1583 Mayoral Election - Most recent Elysian City mayoral election
Horde of Arrym - Nomadic desert people, and invaders of Elysia
Invasion - The overture to the war of 1579
Invasion Guide - An easy guide for reflecting the war upon character creation
Nawab - The Merchant Prince of Elysian City, a powerful underworld figure
Queen Gia - Absentee Queen of Elysia, displaced during the war
Queen's Cup Boxing - Defunct combat tournament
Runebridge Guild - Rival to the Magister's Guild, formed of mages defiant of the Responsible Sorcery Act
Social Issues - Article describing the prevailing prejudices and particularities of furres worldwide
Cartels - Criminal organizations, some more legitimate than others
The Resistance - Armed force of political dissidents during the Occupation, many of which are still actively resisting the Treaty period

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