Horde of Arrym

Thousands of years ago the great city of Arrym on the Arabian peninsula flourished as a center for science and advanced astrology. Now, on the ruins of the City of a Thousand Pillars, the remnants of that long dead city-state live in a brutal warrior society.

The Arrym people are reptilian, and the majority most closely resembles various Dinosaur species. Though their civilization at one time ruled much of the middle east with enlightened science, the modern society is an aggressive one, with a brutal warrior class ruling over the rest. Scientists are held in very low regard, as well as artisans, and are generally classed according to their race. Few escape this rigid caste system.


Few societies stretch as endlessly back into time as that of the Arrym. The Horde being a violent new iteration of their advanced past, the Arrym have known many roles over the millenia since the fall of their ancient city-state so long ago. Their brutality has been hard-won through countless tragedies and near extinctions, forging the fearless warrior society of today. And only the Arrym, so few in number, could make themselves so well-known in short order.

The Free State, and Conflicts with the Rephans

Less than a century ago the forcibly-nomadic Arrym arrived in the verdant southeast of north america. There, comiserating with the Yurqua'an Lizard Clans (of real world Florida) they forged a new political domain - The Arrym Free State. Though it seemed their reaving and wandering was over, they did not expect the terrifying brutality of their neighbours. The Rephan Empire waited full 30 years before they made their response to the incursion known, but when they did the Arrym were quickly forced to move again.

Laying waste to their young cities and minimal defenses, the Rephans quite literally pushed the Arrym into the Atlantic, driving them before the might of their terrible magicke and vast numbers. Two plans formed in the minds of two clan leaders - one, to retreat to the Caribbean clanlands of their Yurqua'an allies, the other to move back East - and take up their blades again.

It was the intervention of a very unlikely ally that swung their decision in favour of the latter.

The Arrym and Elysia

The key military strength of the Arrym Horde is well-organized classes, brutality, and air technology. They possess the technology to produce airships, which few other civilizations have had. This was crucial when the Arrym invaded Elysia for the first time in 1578. The Horde and Elysia had little to do with one another prior to these events, but their mutual ignorance ended quickly on the day their siege arrived on the island.

Arrym shock troops and crude air power offered the people of the Westfall of Elysia a brutal blitzkrieg. Much of the Yanaka tribal lands fell under the onslaught, its people forced along the eastern marches to flee the rampage. The Arrym heavy infantry advanced after this initial sweep, with their diverse classes managed to match the embattled Queen's Army.

Of particular interest are Arrym Furnace Tanks. These giant ornate ovens on wheeled struts serve the dual purpose of primitive napalm-flinging assault vehicles, and an important survival device for the cold-blooded Arrym soldiers.

Reacting to the siege, Army General Arturo Gravarius reinforced the north flank of the Earling of Vanir and gained a decisive victory against the Arrym reinforcement and supply lines. Though this could not stem the tide of the Horde's progress into the center region, Gravarius had managed to starve the rampaging Horde and slow their progress to Elysian City.

Arrym air power briefly met its match when a small force of Mala Ruz airships struck at Arrym forces in Elysian City during the late part of the Occupation. This small but critical battle helped to shake the confidence of enemy air superiority, enough to buy time for the arrival of troops from Stara Ziema.

With the arrival of the Novari, whose allegiance was yet ambiguous, the war quickly wound to a bloody attrition. The Occupation saw the disavowal of all allegiance by the Arrym who retreated to their original point of entry in the far West.

Toward the end of the war, popular opinion was that the Arrym had been pawns in the Novari bid to retake Elysia. With the signing of the Cherry Treaty the Horde now had peace, but were guests in a foreign Kingdom with none of their promises of conquest and glory fulfilled. Their leaders dead and their Novari secrets gone with them, the bitter and displaced Arrym soldiers remained in Elysia, along with a small population of settlers.

The New State

The vast invasion force and its accompanying civilians made unlikely houseguests for Elysia. Though they had taken heavy losses to their midsized invasion force, the majority were still around, taking up encampments and ragged settlements wheresoever they could. As they grew weary of the cold Elysian nights away from better-suited and warmer climes, they grew more violent and belligerent and unwise to cross. This was compounded by an alcoholic epidemic sweeping through their ranks.

In time the Novari presence and the responsibility of the Treaty Government to sow peace and harmony fell short. Though the areas where the Arrym made landfall were recaptured and their forces routed there, the survivors fled East (as their victims had before). There, they took the burned-out lands surrounding the quiet village of Cherry and struck up a settlement. In time a new moon-and-star banner flew over their log encampments - that of the New Arrym State. With disarray in the post-war period and no one willing to take up arms against the surly Arrym, the government was forced to begrudgingly recognize.

Meanwhile, back home…

Traded like currency between the Persian and Ottoman Empires, the ancient site of the Arrym City had been scratching out a harsh living for years. What few remaining, mostly small bands of ancient descendants of the original Arrym inhabitants, joined with returning nomads and "outcastes" (non-reptilian Arrym) to form a new, more egalitarian city-state among the ruins. Though not much more than a massive tent city, structures have begun to rise on the ancient site of Arrym, and Arrym Reptile-folk and Outcastes live together communally, trying to forge a new future together as equals. Though the overseeing Persian state largely condones their efforts, it is a wonder what the far removed, more aggressive Horde would think if they saw their ancient homeland as it is now.


Arrym are usually stronger than the average furre and more resistant to attacks against their rough skin, however they are generally considered slow-moving in combat. It's said furres enjoy cold nights at the pub these days, since the chill breeze keeps the Arrym in their tents next to the hearthfire.

Some Arrym were allowed, by stipulation of the Cherry Treaty, to join the Peace Keepers. As far and wide as Aesir, Auffester and Elysian city they have taken the pledge and donned the blacks of the Keepers. Others vie for political power, but as yet the true power of the Arrym rests in their massive and hotly contested clan land in the Great Forest.

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