Invasion Timeline

The War


A division of the Horde of Arrym arrives on the Western shore of Elysia. With no political pretense, the nation is shocked. Dozens of garrisons of the Queen's Army are devoured by the blitzkrieg within weeks. Losses are heavy, and many speculate the City defenses in the Western lands are compromised from the inside.

Soon, Novari Navy forces arrive in strength. They make landfall in the East, make surprisingly quick progress through the heavily defended mountain passes, and reach the mainland. There they engage in brief skirmishes with the Arrym Horde, and force the Elysians to sign a troubling alliance with their old enemy.

The Arrym sack Vanir, ousting Dutchess Alya Kalim, who immediately flees to the south to plot her revenge.

As the war winds on and the Queen's Army takes critical losses, many subjects begin to lose faith in their leadership. The Novari, having taken the fewest losses, begin in the late summer to to stake claim over large areas of the provinces. Local governments agree to be ruled by a provisional garrison in exchange to be spared from the marauding Arrym.

This pattern repeats itself across the nation; soon, almost all of Elysia has accepted the dubious protection of, it seems, a Reformed Novari.

1580 The Surrender

With the government a shambles in the face of Arrym expansion, the Novari volunteer to retake the capitol, Aesir, from Arrym siege. They declare the Senate as incompetent cowards, and in some cases traitors to the Kingdom. With the Queen fled back to Europe and the provincial governments falling apart, all too many Senators do not question why, after the Arrym have been routed from Aesir, the Novari garrison refuses to clear out as well.

The Novari declare they will take the fight to the Arrym and defend Western Elysia where former government officials failed. Yet still, few citizens trust the Novari presence.

The true phase of the war begins as the Arrym and Novari clash. Astonishingly, however the Arrym surrender to the Novari and form a truce following the Novari sack of Vanir.

Now, an uneasy and totally unexpected peace has been achieved, and the Elysians are bewildered at what is to happen next as tens of thousands of foreign troops now reside in their country. Soon, these Arrym and Novari troops need settlements, and begin to demand them from the Elysian populace.

The Novari demand assistance in the form of land and resources for their efforts during the war. The Arrym in turn demand land from the Novari with whom they have made peace.

The Occupation

With too much damage to its infrastructure, the Elysian government mostly goes dormant, as the Novari reinforce themselves with the arrival of a second army (which was never mentioned in their original aid agreement with the Elysians). As the nation crumbles into anarchy, the Novari step in on various disputes. Where there were no disputes, the Novari assert themselves anyway; often claiming their actions were a peace-keeping matter.

Autumn 1580

A new Duke of the Northern Province is installed, a prominent Noble, suspected of strong Novari sympathies. Many other nobles are rewarded handsomely for their aid in making this happen. Throughout the north province, other nobles unsympathetic to the Novari forces are suspiciously removed by the Senate.

Meanwhile, in the South Province, mass upheaval takes place, with a great many local government officials removed from power, jailed, or forced underground. They are replaced by Collaborators, much the way the Duchy had been replaced in the North. Fewer Nobles have allied with the Novari in the South, and as a result their tenant farmers suffer starvation as a punishment.

Nationwide, Peace Keepers have been either jailed or forced out of service, disarmed and replaced by Novari standing forces and collaborators. Many will later take up arms against the Occupation.

1581 - Insurgency

In the historic village of Cherry, several former Peace Keepers attack a Novari Garrison there. The perpetrators are hanged, but canonized in tales. Word spreads fast. The Cherry Uprising becomes a rallying point. Soon similar rebellions break out in distant places. Auffester Mages begin ousting Novari forces from the old city. Vanir becomes an urban battleground, its mean streets ablaze with violent insurgency.

June 1581

Elysian City stages a huge uprising when decommissioned Peace Keepers, civilians and sailors attack the Garrison. Among them are a group of mages, who will later be instrumental in the formation of the Runebridge guild. Even with stones and carved spears, the citizen militia gains the upper hand, and the Garrison forces are overwhelmed. News of the Elysian City uprising becomes a new song to sing in pubs. The Novari retaliate soon with mass executions and marshall their forces for a massive and brutal incursion to retake the city.

August 1581

The liberation of Elysian City had opened an important door; a free seaport. The Elysian Navy is able to return, reinforced by forces from Mala Ruz and Britain.

A small force of the Rephan Empire of Stara Ziema arrive at the behest of their envoys, Dagan Scorpio and Hel Mizrath. An astonishing development in itself, the distraction of the war prevents a great deal of scrutiny. The Rephans declare no allegiance as yet. The Insurgent forces parlay for many weeks with the argumentative Xantha, wasting precious time and resources trying to gain their badly-needed aid.

November 1581

Another winter of starvation and death approaches, and the Novari prepare to finally crush the rebellion. An armada arrives in the waters near Elysian city, its black ships fighting valiantly through the Novari blockade to reach the city. Upon reaching landfall, their ground forces are every bit as tenacious. They buy time for Elysian City, and the other insurgent cities bolster their defenses. The Arrym, growing disillusioned toward the two-faced Novari, split into factions. Many refuse to aid the Novari, breaking the death grip of the Occupation.

Winter 1582

With the Arrym languishing on their misappropriated lands, and the Xantha on the side of the colonials, the Resistance has had time to organize. They step up their campaign, and the Novari escalate in response. Large battles once again paint the countryside with blood and fire. With Elysians already unable to feed themselves, and the winter growing harsh, it seems as though the country will fall apart under the weight of a bloody and costly stalemate.

Spring 1582

The nobility have long since reviled the Resistance, but the nobles' rhetoric begins to spread among common people too. Having once supported it, they begin to grow sour on the high cost of life reported to them by Novari propaganda. With contributions dwindling, the Resistance is forced to cancel their march on the capital.

Most attempts by the Novari to buy out the Rebel Leaders with land and title fail, though some successfully draw power away from the Resistance. Even so, the possibility of total Novari control of Elysia has been eliminated, even as the Resistance turn their attention to urban terrorism instead.

Controversy abounds in March of the year when one of the infamous Novari death squads are revealed to be members of the Rephan force, who had switched sides. Investigation of the plot ends at the perpetrators, who are identified and later murdered by the Resistance. The larger Rephan force denounces this group as an isolated incident, and claims they acted alone. By this time, many people are fed up with the destructiveness of the war, and are looking for a way out.

June 1582

Dissention has come to grow even in the Novari ranks, much the way it did for the first settlers and their Imperium overlords. They are falling out of love with their Empire, and into it with the Elysian countryside. Many prominent members of the Elysian Novari presence express a desire to become Elysians. Rumours indicate several have even joined the Resistance, though with little success.

In June, Novari forces call parlay with the Resistance Leaders. In the historic village of Cherry, massive armies stand by while the military leaders finally sit down together. On one side, the Novari Supreme Commander, the collaborating Provisional Governor, and the Arrym War-Chief. On the other, the Resistance Leaders, including Yanaka and Xantha envoys.

Though the Elysian Colonials have some say in what happens to their country thanks to the Resistance leaders, onlookers can clearly see there are far too many Novari and Arrym in the country now for things to go back to the way they were. The Resistance is forced to make a hard choice, and a peace treaty is ultimately signed. Among its prescriptions were the reinstatement of Queen Gia, but the formation of a Coalition Parliament, with Novari, Arrym, Yanakan and Rephan Xantha politicians offered critical government positions, and seats in the national assembly.

Separate political parties are formed, including the Novari Party, the Republicans, the Arrym Party, and many others.

Summer 1582

Peace returns to Elysia under the uneasy Treaty Government. Everywhere, Nobles, Merchants, and local Militaries faction themselves with the many parties with a stake in Elysia. Beneath this, further divisions are drawn as some hold sympathies in secret for one party or another. Misinformation is everywhere, with anyone potentially endorsing anyone.

Throngs of immigrants arrive from failing the Arrym Free State, Stara Ziema and even Novare. Others arrive from across the continents to take advantage of the free-for-all economic situation.

Autumn-Winter 1582

Elysia Island has become an "International Zone" - it is not unreasonable to say you can get anything in the City if you know where to look. Illegal activities skyrocket with EC becoming the country's "Sin City". Violent crime has increased significantly as well. Even the Nawab has trouble exerting his control over matters, with too many foreign criminals unaccustomed to the "situation". In time, new Cartels are formed, with the Nawab forced to welcome them into the fold.

Peace Keepers are fully reinstated in many citizen. Their numbers have been depleted from Resistance deaths. The Treaty demands an integrated police service, and so Novari, Arrym and even Xantha are trained up as Peace Keepers. Diversity takes a turn for the extreme.

With everyone for hire and everything for sale, cut-throat merchants, mercenaries and Mage Guilds see a boom in business. The only thing standing in the way of crime and social decay are Peace Keepers and decent citizens.


To characters who are relatively new to Elysia (several months), this information will be common knowledge. You will have heard about the occupation through gossip most likely, and likelier still you will be aware of the danger and opportunity in Elysian City. You may want to include some involvement in the City's climate in your character profile and you are encouraged to do so (e.g. you're a merchant, a trader, a dockworker, soldier, mage for hire)

To characters who have been living in Elysia for several (IC) years, information about the Invasion and Occupation will be all too familiar to you. You are also very welcome and encouraged to write this into your character profile; for example, you may have been part of the Resistance, or a Collaborator in the Occupation for that matter.

If you feel you might like to get involved in any of this, the Rah (Eli) and our veteran members are happy to help you. Please avail yourself of our help.

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