Invasion Guide

This is your super-deluxe ultimate Invasion Guide!

Here I'll attempt to discuss the major things to consider, with the Invasion plotline and how it relates to your character. I've broken it down into just a few questions to ask and a few key concepts:

1))) If your character has been in Elysia for some or all of their life, and/or was here before the Invasion:

- That means that your character has been here for about 6 IC years

- You will have to decide what your character was doing during the War, the Invasion, the Occupation, and now. Here's some suggestions:

  • Was your character heavily influenced by the events of the war, or were they isolated from the violence?
  • Was anyone close to your character hurt or killed?
  • Was your character involved in the Resistance? If not, were they a Collaborator? In either case, how has this affected their life today?

(It's okay to say your character was here, even if you weren't playing here before the Invasion Plot started)

2))) If your character has been in Elysia for a few months, not long enough to have experienced the War, but long enough to have heard about a lot:

- You'll have to consider a few things about life in Elysian City. Such as:

  • Why has your character chosen to live here in particular?
  • Why did your character come to Elysia Island?
  • Is your character involved in organized crime, Mage Guilds, merchant business? Is your character working class? Rich? Noble? A criminal?

With these questions in mind, please see Invasion

If you'd like any help with this and want to get involved with the RP, let one of our veterans know. They'll be glad to help you.

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